How Knowing Multiple Languages Can Help Boost Your Business Career

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One word you’ll hear over and over again in business, politics and finance is “globalization.” In the business world, this term refers to the expansion of a single company beyond its own borders, into multiple other countries.

For example, many major Canadian companies such as Bombardier, Sun Life Financial and Roots, have set up locations all around the world in order to attract international clients. For many companies, international expansion is the ultimate goal, which makes learning more than one language a very smart move for today’s business students. Making the decision to study English and even earn your business degree in English will help international students build their language portfolio. Here’s why this is so important:

A Growing Demand for Multilingualism

Since more and more businesses have tapped into international markets, there is an increasing demand for professionals who have both business and language skills. Today’s companies are on the hunt for employees who can communicate with existing clients, prospective clients and business partners overseas. It’s also crucial for marketing and sales professionals to be fluent in multiple languages, since they have the duty of selling products and services, and identifying customer needs.

Job-Seeking Advantages

Taking an intensive English program like Culture Works can help double the marketability of your business degree. Employers love to see multiple languages on a resume, because multilingual employees can ultimately provide more value to a company by performing tasks that many others cannot. Better yet, bilingual employees can be hard to come by, meaning that recruiters are likely to prioritize your resume when filling positions for prominent companies.

Did you know that multilingual employees also get paid more than their unilingual (people who only speak one language) counterparts? In Canada, bilingual men outside of Quebec earn 3.8 percent more than their coworkers who only speak one language. For women, this number actually jumps to 6.6 percent. In the United States, bilingual employees might have a pay raise of up to 20% higher when they speak more than one language! As a bonus, bilingualism also makes the brain work harder and increases cognitive ability—overall making you a better, smarter worker.

A Global Appeal

Many students who come to Canada and participate in ESL programs are passionate about travelling and immersing themselves in new cultures. New graduates with multiple languages are far more likely to land positions that allow them explore new cities and countries.

As companies continue to expand globally, the demand for business professionals who are willing to travel for work will no doubt increase. Being fluent in multiple languages will give you the opportunity to showcase yourself as an ideal candidate, and give you the confidence to apply for these international positions. You’ll have the diverse language skills needed to adapt quickly and grow professionally no matter where your job might take you!

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