Bishop’s and Brescia Partner Together, Creating New Opportunities for Students Who Want to Study English in Canada

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Excited about the idea of studying at a Canadian University? For many international students, ESL programs like CultureWorks offer a smooth transition into university life. Not only do students get to learn English, but they also get to be right on a university campus and meet plenty of other students from all over the world. This helps them build up the skills they need to succeed at university, so that they feel prepared for the next step in their education.

CultureWorks offers many different programs to help ESL students, including the Preliminary Year Program at Brescia University College. In the Preliminary Year Program, ESL students complete first-year university admission requirements and learn plenty of useful skills like taking lecture notes, essay writing, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to improve their English and get ready to study at a university in Canada.

Now, thanks to a new partnership between Brescia University College and Bishop’s University, ESL students in the Preliminary Year Program will have even more to look forward to. Here’s a closer look at what those new opportunities are.

Complete the Preliminary Year Program Successfully & Get Automatic Admission to Bishop’s

The Preliminary Year Program CultureWorks offers with Brescia University College teaches students how to succeed at university. Students develop their English skills, study on the Brescia campus, and complete courses in a variety of different subjects. By the end of the program, students are fully ready for success in university programs.

That’s where this new deal with Bishop’s University kicks in. Every student who completes the Preliminary Year Program gains automatic admission into an undergraduate university program at Bishop’s University. Enroll, complete the program, and you can get accepted to a great university right away!

This Deal Is for Students Who Want to Attend University After English for Academic Purposes School

Many students who decide to study English in Canada at Brescia University College will fall in love with the school. However, because Brescia is a women’s college, only female graduates of the Preliminary Year Program can be admitted for further study after finishing the program.

Bishop’s University is a co-educational university, meaning that men and women can attend. Whether you want to stay at Brescia or would like to attend Bishop’s, you will have plenty of options to choose from when you finish the Preliminary Year Program.

After English for Academic Purposes School, Go to Bishop’s to Study Many Different Subjects

Bishop’s University offers a variety of programs, including business, computer science, environmental science, and more. Students with many different ambitions can find interesting programs to take at Bishop’s, making it a great place to go after you complete English for academic purposes school.

Bishop's University has many different program options for students
Bishop’s University has many different program options for students

One advantage of the Preliminary Year Program is that you get to take classes relating to subjects you find interesting. By the time you get to university, you can start your program feeling fully prepared for your studies!

Bishop’s University Has a Great Community for Students to Enjoy

For many students, university is about more than just classes. It’s also a place to grow as a person by enjoying social activities with classmates and experiencing new things. One big advantage of studying at Bishop’s is that it has a fun, welcoming atmosphere for new students to enjoy.

Located in the Canadian province of Quebec in a small town called Lennoxville, Bishop’s University prides itself on its school spirit. You can join in the fun by seeing a football game, taking part in campus clubs, and by wearing plenty of purple, the school colour!

Here’s a quick look at what school life is like at Bishop’s University:

Are you interested in taking English courses for Brescia University?

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