Month: April 2013

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Without question, cell phones have become a necessity worldwide.  Canada is no exception. 81% of households in Ontario own a cell phone, and 20% have abandoned their house phones.  Why?  Because they’re totally amazing!  Ordering taxis, checking bus schedules, reviewing your list of assignments online, ordering pizza (yes!), translation apps,…

Show Me the Money!

I'm not going to lie.  I love money.  I've collected money from every country I've ever visited. I'm not a miser or anything - I don't think it's the most important thing in the world.  No, I mean I  love the way money looks.  It's art, in my opinion, and…

The Size and Shape of Canada

The Size of Canada! Definitely try out that satellite link at the end of this post. ~ Harrison

At the Drop of a Dime ~ Interview with Matt Devlin, Vice Principal @ CultureWorks Oshawa

Name: Matt Devlin Title: Vice Principal of Oshawa Campus, CultureWorks Best Canadian Film:  My favourite film set in Canada is Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. It’s such an inventive, unique film, and the city of Toronto plays a major role. Q. Matt, you’re someone who seems to be able to…

Craving Canada?

What makes you want to travel? Why did you decide to study abroad? What’s the spark that ignites your passion for seeing the world? For me, it boils down to one simple reason.  I crave new things. New nature, new culture, and new fun! Niagara Ontario offers a lot of  ‘newness’. …

CultureWorks in the News

CultureWorks is featured in this month's edition of Canadian Business in Action.Click here to read more

Interview with London Principal

As cool as a cucumber - an interview with CultureWorks London Principal, Derek Martin.Click here to read more

As Cool As a Cucumber ~ An Interview with CultureWorks London Principal, Derek Martin

Name: Derek Martin Title: Principal of London Campus, CultureWorks Best Canadian TV show: The Red Green Show (  or Rick Mercer Report ( Q. The idiom ‘as cool as a cucumber’ is an appropriate one for you, Derek.  You always look calm and collected, ready for your many responsibilities as…