Tips on Study Tips

I remember preparing for my third year Anthropology class presentation, writing a 25 page term paper for my Classics course, and studying for three other courses, and all were all taking place in the same week. Ugh! They say university and college is great for teaching us time management, but I’d like to add that it is also great for teaching us how to stress out and throw dishes against the wall.

In researching this week’s blog post on study tips, I kept coming across the same advice.  Study with a friend.  Don’t procrastinate.  Use a highlighter.  Keep a log of difficult words and ideas.  Quiz yourself.  Divide your material into smaller, manageable chunks.  These suggestions are very good.  You’ve heard our teachers at CultureWorks give you the same advice a million times, so I don’t want to bore you with repetition.  Luckily, I came across two videos that offer some different ideas about preparing for tests.

This video has a lot of strange ideas that are just weird enough to work.  I definitely agree with listening to instrumental music while you study – music with lyrics are much too distracting.

[wpvideo xnQyUrVP]

This video offers excellent advice on setting a time limit when you are really concentrating.  In our age of iPhones and universal internet access, this is a great skill to practice.

[wpvideo NM4E1QUr]

These tips will especially help you with advancing your reading, listening, writing, and grammar skills.  Not only that, they’ll make your brain HUGE! Big brains are attractive, right?

Student Appreciation Week!

1,955,340 — That’s the approximate total number of students enrolled in Canadian universities and colleges in 2013.  Do you have any idea how many late night pizzas that is?  Yikes!

Seeing as it’s Student Appreciation Week, I’m going to dedicate this week’s blog to you, students.  Consider it a big digital hug.

Thanks for maintaining Canada’s high level of academic standards on the global scale.

Thanks for striving for excellence and furthering yourself.

Thanks for contributing to Canadian society in a constructive, intelligent, and progressive way.

And if you are an international student in Canada, thank you for diversifying our campuses, and enriching our worldview.

Check out the two awesome videos of these two CultureWorks  students, Amanda Dantas Oliveira De Medeiros, and Meshel Albaqmi.  They are being interviewed about their experiences at CultureWorks.  Excellent work you guys!  You both have excellent English speaking skills, and your positive attitude toward learning is inspiring!  Happy Student Appreciation Week to you both, and to the other 1,955,338, too!

[wpvideo 7tqnpHuj]

[wpvideo iOLKIjrq]

5 Inventions You Probably Don’t Know Are Canadian

Our most famous foods are maple syrup and poutine.  Our biggest exports are lumber and comedians.  But how many of you knew that these 5 world famous inventions were born in Canada?

1.  IMAX

I recently saw Gravity on IMAX, and it was stunning.  How can you go wrong with 72 × 52.8 ft screens displaying the absolute best resolution on the world’s biggest cameras?  My wife and I couldn’t drive home right away because we both actually felt like we were in space.  Yes, IMAX is a Canadian company, established in 1970 (after years of trial and error), and is now in 679 countries.  Forget Netflix!


Ok, so you might not think this is anything to brag about.  But be honest.  How many unnecessary egg tragedies have been avoided because of this ingenious piece of cardboard engineering?  I imagine when  Joseph Coyle of Smithers British Columbia came up with the design in 1911, it was mainly because he was tired of eggs exploding in his pockets on the way back from the market.


When medical insulin was created in 1922,  Frederick Banting, Charles Best and James Collip revolutionized the medical world forever.  These Canadians made it possible to regulate dangerously low insulin levels in people, and therefore make diabetes a manageable disease.  Ok, so it’s no egg carton, but it’s not bad!


As if 10 pin bowling isn’t fun enough!  Thomas F. Ryan from Toronto, created 5-pin bowling in 1909 to put a spin on the classic game.  With a smaller bowling ball and only 5 ‘pins’ at the end of the alley, some people feel this version is faster and more challenging than the regular game.  Personally I don’t really care.  I love bowling for the shoes.


The G-Suit is a flight suit worn by aviators and astronauts who are subject to high levels of acceleration force (g). It is designed to prevent a black-out and Loss Of Consciousness caused by the blood pooling in the lower part of the body when under acceleration, thus depriving the brain of blood. The first g-suits were developed by a team led by Wilbur R. Franks at the University of Toronto’s Banting and Best Medical Institute in 1941.  Not a bad contribution to the world, eh?

When you travel and/or study in Canada, you need to know information like this.  Why?  Because when you go home you’re expected to be an expert on the country, right?  You need to know how the culture works! Impress your friends!  Shock your neighbours! Impress your teachers at CultureWorks!

Now hiring! Administrative Assistant for Ottawa campus.

CultureWorks ESL Inc. is seeking a skilled and experienced Campus Administrative Assistant for its Ottawa campus, located at Carleton University. CultureWorks is a privately owned, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) language school. Our students come from around the world and upon graduation from our program study at the post-secondary level at our University and College partners in Canada. We are also located on the campuses of King’s University College, Brescia University College & Western University in London, Ontario, and in Oshawa at the campuses of University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Durham College.

Reporting to the Campus Director – Ottawa, you will be responsible for:


Preferred Qualifications:

This is a full time position with regularly scheduled hours of work. Remuneration based on experience. A competitive benefits plan and company pension is available upon eligibility. Start date is mid-December 2013.

Please submit your resume & cover letter to Lee Ann Ross-Hayton ( by Friday, November 15, 2013.


So, stress happens, right?  You’ve got dishes piling up, relationships breaking up (I hope not!), and, of course, assignments stacking up.   Stress is like a natural disaster in the body – a tsunami, a tornado, an earthquake all in one.  Good times!  And while there’s no pause button to life, there is one coping tool I can share that has helped me through the most stressful experiences of life, many of which happened at school.


It soothes and inspires.  Music fills your spirit with beautiful distraction on a frequency that is far, far away from your worries.  Please, try it out, listen to music on your study breaks.  You’ll come back to your laptop feeling refreshed and ready to keep learning.  Music is like a reset button for your brain.

Being a proud Canadian, I have a few new Canadian bands I’d like to share.  If you are coming to Canada, or are already here, this is a great way to tune into the ‘vibe’, or the sound our country is currently producing.  Here are three musical suggestions from the great white north:

1.  Mother Mother – No, I didn’t type that twice by accident, that’s really the band’s name.  From Vancouver, this group is a mixture of indie (independent) rock with some amazing vocal harmonies and lyrics.

2.  K-OS – A successful hip hop artist, K-OS (Chaos) studied music at York University and has since pumped out a huge variety of up-beat, intelligent hip-hop ‘beats’.

3.  Marcio Novelli – A young, fresh indie rock artist with clean, hopeful voice from Hamilton, Ontario.

4.  Death from Above 1979 – I recently came across this duo, described as rock/noise.  I’ve never heard that category of music before, but give them a try and see if you like them!

I tried to find groups that were distinctive and unique from one another.  I’d love to hear what music you are listening to!  Please share your recommendations on the blog or on our FB page:

Remember, when you need a break from studying, turn up the music!