Month: March 2014

Rant and Rave!

What's the difference between a rant and a rave? When you love something, like a really delicious meal for example, you 'rave' about it to all your friends.  You go on and on about how tasty the soup was, how crispy the get the idea.  So you might hear…

CultureWorks & Carleton in Turkey

Deb Leeming, Megan Foote and Ibrahim Özden at the Carleton University and CultureWorks booth, IEFT student fair in Ankara, Turkey. Are you a student in Turkey looking to study in Canada? Here is your opportunity to receive immediate conditional acceptance to Carleton University (Official) and CultureWorks! First session starts in…

Sunday, March 9th, Move Clocks Forward

Important! This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time. Please move your clocks ahead by 1 hour on Sunday, between 2-3 am. Spring is coming! Learn more: