“Down to Earth” ~ An Interview with Meredith McGregor @ CultureWorks London!

meredethmcgregor_hrPlease welcome Meredith McGregor to the Hotspot! After reading her interview, you’ll learn she is a thoughtful and sincere person.  You might even say she’s “Down to Earth”.  I’d love to have her as a teacher!

How long have you been working at CultureWorks?  What is it about teaching English that you like the most?

I started as a substitute teacher at CultureWorks in the Fall of 2010 and then began full-time in January of 2011. The staff and students are the best part about teaching at CultureWorks. What I like best about teaching English for CW is the academic nature of the program.

What are your hobbies?  Which of them do you recommend new students to Canada try, and why?

I teach dance aerobics part-time for a gym. This is something I really enjoy doing in my spare time. I also like cooking and reading.


 There are a lot of students from a wide variety of cultures at our school, and each culture is rich in music, food, film, art, history, and stories.  Which of these cultural features would you be most interested in learning about?  Why?

Since working for CultureWorks, I have become really interested in visiting China one day.  I think it would be nice to have a better sense of where our Chinese students come from, and be able to relate to them better. Also, it just sounds like a really diverse and interesting country with a rich culture and history.


 What is your role at CultureWorks? Which courses do you specialize in?  How do you feel these skills will aid our students in university or college?  Do you have any advice you’d like to give students in these areas?

I mostly teach Level C/D Writing and Grammar. Being able to write well is an important skill not only for post-secondary studies, but for employment as well. My advice is to develop your vocabulary so that you are able to express yourself clearly and directly. Having strong diction is an asset that influences all aspects of communication.


 Lastly, for fun, if you could visit any Canadian province, where would you go? Why?

I would love to see more of Canada because I feel like I have traveled more outside of my own country than domestically. I have never been to Nova Scotia, so maybe I would choose to go there, especially during the summer.




The weather is warmer, the grass is bright green, and we’ve all finished watching Breaking Bad.  Time to get outside and play some sports!

You can learn a lot about yourself by doing sports (like how good you look in shorts), and you can actually learn a lot of English, too.  Between high school and university I rowed for seven years, and learned a lot of language out on the water.  We used to chant, “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL” before every race.  It means we promised to work as a team, to do it for ourselves and every team member, equally.  Unfortunately the rest of the language we used out on the water isn’t appropriate for sharing, but I can show you some practical sports idioms! Check out this awesome video to help get your ‘head in the game’ (to focus on what’s important):











School Closed May 19th

Our offices will be closed next Monday (May 19th – no classes) for the Victoria Day holiday, and will reopen Tuesday (May 20th) at 8:30am EST.

Its official name is Victoria Day, although many people call it the “May Long Weekend,” and it celebrates the birth of Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

The May long weekend has evolved into a popular tradition, in which Canadians fire up the barbecue, open their cottages or cabins for the season, watch fireworks or leave town for the weekend.


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Contratulations to our CultureWorks Scholarship Winners!  You’ve worked hard and we’re proud of you!

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Pre-EAP: Mohamed Farhat

Level A: Kholod Alaamri

Level B: Mingyuan Hong

Level C: Tied scholarship – Farah Alshelian and Joud Alshelian

Level D: Barbara Haas


Oshawa Campus

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Level B: Yasir Alsaedi

Level C: Gabriel Lemes Jorge

Level D: Andre Luis Costa Cantanhede


London Campus

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Level B: Adel Abosnina

Level C: Hui Xiang

Level D: Yanran Fu and Junfeng Xiao

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