CultureWorks team heads out to spread the word about our ESL programs to China, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia

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It’s early March in Ontario and the weather is improving.

Meanwhile, Founder and President Tina Bax, and Agent Relations guru Deb Leeming, are busy preparing to head off to promote the newest and best programs CultureWorks has to offer. Tina will head to China; Deb to Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica.

While packing different attire for the nearly one month on the road between them, their goals are common: Spread the word to the agents, parents, and students about CultureWorks and its splendid variety of programs.

Deb’s travels, meetings and more

Deb will head out first, starting on March 6 with Mexico City and the ICEF event. This includes 25-minute “speed dating” pre-arranged face-to face meetings as well as the opportunity to meet agents in more informal meetings at lunches, breaks and in the evening at a reception.

Deb will be promoting all of our ESL school’s options including the upcoming summer programs and Brescia University College’s Preliminary Year. Then she is off to Colombia on March 9 for another ICEF event.

The program changes on March 15-16, when Deb stops in Costa Rica. She will be visiting five high schools in San Jose, and seeing up to 500 students. She will focus on promoting Brescia Preliminary Year program (Prelim) to these high school students.

Tina said the timing is right for heading to Central and South America.

“Right now, the Mexican peso is stronger than it was last summer; the anti-American appetite is stronger than it was last year; so they are actively looking for other destinations,” Tina said.

“So even though going to the States might have been cheaper in the past, because the peso is stronger and because our dollar is weaker, they can come to Canada. It is more expensive to fly up here. But it’s still cheaper to come up here and do these courses.”

Tina said both Costa Rica and Colombia are university markets, under-graduate markets and language markets.

“Those are good for Brescia and for us. And Deb is actually representing Brescia.”

How Tina will be representing our ESL school abroad

Tina, meanwhile, leaves for China on March 18 and heads back home on April 1. She says she usually does a “little bit of everything” when she makes this trip.

Tina said she is going primarily to promote the new CultureWorks programs, the Preliminary Year programs, the Gateway program for the online piece and the new partnership with Amberson College high school, CW’s new pathway in Toronto.

Part of the trip is with the Amberson representatives, “which is nice,” Tina said.

“My role is really to represent the CultureWorks programs, but also to be able to speak about our relationship with the university and what that means for students.”

Tina said “the university” means Western, King’s, Brescia, Carleton, UOIT, Durham College, Algonquin College or where ever students want to go.

“When the students leave Prelim, they can go to any university in Canada. It’s the Go Anywhere Program, that’s what we like to call it,” Tina said.

Tina said her role is really to add a clarifying voice.

“Yes, this is in fact a real program and yes, the students can get anywhere they want afterward.”

Tina said she will do some school visits to promote the Amberson College pathway, visit a high school that is interested in sending the students directly to the Prelim ESL program and drop into a university that asked her to showcase CW’s various programs.

Any time for socializing?

“I will do something in Beijing where I will host a tea or do a lunch for any agents in that city who want to talk to us.”

Like Deb before her, the more the merrier.

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