How to fully embrace living in a new language when you study English in Canada

study English in Canada

Studying in another country can feel intimidating. It means discovering a new culture, living in a new language, and even trying foods that might not be familiar. Fortunately, Canada is a very welcoming country that prides itself on being friendly.

In addition, there are a few great tips that ESL students can use to make living in English fun, exciting, and reassuring. Here are some fun ways to embrace living in Canada!

Make new friends in your ESL program

One of the best ways to get the most out of your ESL experience is to make new friends. Top ESL schools such as CultureWorks have students from all over the world, meaning that you’ll get to meet many wonderful people and discover many other cultures. You can meet new friends in class by working on fun exercises and projects together or meet new people through different clubs and activities.

In addition, because CultureWorks is located right on the campus of partner universities, you can also develop friendships with local students and native English speakers. Making new friends can be a wonderful way to embrace living in English. You’ll get to practise English through the conversations you have and by sharing vocabulary or grammar tips with each other. Native English speakers may even share with you some local expressions and colloquialisms!

Making new friends while in ESL school can be a fun way to experience English
Making new friends while in ESL school can be a fun way to experience English

Enjoy fun trips and activities when you study English in Canada

Top ESL schools know that discovering local culture is a great way to enjoy practising and living in English. That’s why ESL schools such as CultureWorks make sure to schedule plenty of activities for students.

Board game nights, indoor rock climbing, and other activities are all a part of completing an ESL education at CultureWorks. There are also many seasonal activities for students to enjoy. During the winter, students completing an ESL program at CultureWorks can try ice skating, tubing, and other fun activities. During the summer, you could get to visit local beaches, play sports, and even go on fun trips to Niagara Falls and national parks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to try new things, learn new vocabulary, and have fun studying abroad!

Try Canadian food!

Food can also be a great way for ESL students to learn more about local culture and enhance their vocabulary. Cooking classes, ordering food at restaurants, or even enjoying a tasty treat with friends can help you practise your English and have fun studying in Canada. In fact, there are many delicious foods to try! Poutine, smoked meat, Nanaimo bars, and other treats are all items that you may want to taste while attending English for academic purposes school.

Many Canadian foods are eaten during certain seasons or on special holidays. For example, turkey dinner is commonly enjoyed during Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, while maple syrup is a food that is eaten all year long, many Canadians will wait until the spring to visit a traditional sugar shack. Trying local foods can be a wonderful way for you to practise your English and feel at home in Canada.

There’s nothing like good food and conversation to help you learn English. Yum!
There’s nothing like good food and conversation to help you learn English. Yum!

Do all these fun activities make you want to study English in Canada?

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