CultureWorks plays host to an agent luncheon, this time on home turf.

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On this day, lunch did not include the best Kung Pao chicken served in Guangzhou, the finest Mutabbaq Samak fish and rice dish in Riyadh or the delightful Chilaquiles in Guadalajara.

Instead, the main course options were the equally tasty Slow-Roasted salmon, Wild Mushroom risotto and Roasted Rosemary-Lemon chicken, all cooked to perfection in downtown Toronto.

Now what on earth are we talking about? Is a map required? No, not for this group.

The occasion was the CultureWorks Partner Appreciation Lunch at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Toronto. Rather than playing host in cities based in China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico, Canada’s largest city was the site.

CultureWorks welcomes agents from all over

The gaggle of guests included agents representing international students who will soon be on their way to Canada to study. The role CultureWorks plays is to take on the ESL component of the students’ stay.

Together with three CultureWorks staff, including Founder and President Tina Bax, and special guest Marianne Simm, Vice-Principal, Students at Brescia University College, the London-based team was more than happy to showcase its programs.

“Often, we focus on our sales agents located overseas: we travel abroad for weeks and sometimes months of the year for meetings and training sessions,” Tina said at the event.

“But we have a talented, knowledgeable, bilingual sales force right here at home. We wanted to remind our agents in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) that we appreciate everything they do for us, in matching our programs with the right students.”

Those include the Summer Pathways program at Amberson High School in Toronto, the Be Ready programs at Brescia University College in London, the Quick Start program at King’s University College in London and the Fast Track program at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Also, in the show-and-tell category was the Preliminary Year Program at Brescia for students looking to study and work as a gap year between high school and university, those needing to complete language training while taking first-year credits or as a substitute for Grade 12.

What agents have to say about our ESL school

Meanwhile, between bites, the Toronto-based agents on hand shared some of their thoughts about the ESL programs offered in Canada. Needless to say, the CultureWorks and Brescia team was all ears.

Here are some of their observations:

1. AMY MA, Partner Relations Manager, IDP Education (Canada)

On CultureWorks:

“CultureWorks definitely has a good reputation among students due to their services in pathways and also other aspects. With a university, it really helps students get adjusted to the university environment, especially when the students coming from different countries. They can have a taste of what a Canadian university life is like. So it helps them to quickly adjust themselves, adjust to university life.”

On Canada as a safe destination:

“I think Canada is always seen as a safe country in the world and also for students a top immigration destination. All the students want to stay after they graduate from school. So Canada is definitely safe, clean, friendly and also a high quality of education.”

Students love completing their studies in Canada!
Students love completing their studies in Canada!

2. GRACE YU, President and Co-Founder, Elite Alliance Services Inc.

On CultureWorks:

“They (CultureWorks) are professional, they take care of students. CultureWorks deals with many universities — Western, Brescia, King’s and Carleton — and when the students finish their English studies, they have many choices. So that attracts a lot of students and they love studying in CultureWorks because they get approvals. That’s a big advantage because they are studying English, but they are in a university campus. That environment is very important for them.”

3. ZAFFER KAHWACH, Assistant Manager, Middle East, Maple Education Consulting.

On attending schools outside of Toronto:

“Some times it depends on the region. Most of students are looking for Toronto. So if it is outside Toronto, it has to be really good, so we can really convince the students. For those students who want to go outside Toronto to study English, the main point is because they need a university where they can go study what they want after English. So if you have this kind of bridge, it’s really a very good thing. The student says ‘I don’t mind moving to London, Barrie or whatever as long I can guarantee I am going to have the final acceptance or offer at the university’.”

4. YUNNY LI, Marketing Manager, Great Lyn International Academy

On students attending the Quick Start summer ESL program at King’s University College:

“It’s a really good way because it’s a really quick program which helps the students. So the students can start in September and don’t have to waste a year to study for the next year. And I have asked the students who have gone to CultureWorks already and they are really satisfied with the environment and also the language environment. The teachers are really nice and the program is really helpful.”

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