Nature parks to visit while studying English as a second language in Canada

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Canada’s natural wonders are one of the reasons students far and wide come here to study. Beautiful trees, brilliant lakes, quiet meadows, and vibrant local wildlife are exciting to interact with, and great for taking a quick selfie! There’s no shortage of exciting nature parks and wildlife reserves to explore near Ottawa and London, should you decide to take English as a second language course in the province of Ontario.

Here’s how our country’s excellent nature parks will inspire you to make Canada your ESL destination!

When studying in Ottawa, come view the beautiful sights in Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park is a big park filled with many different trails and paths for walking and hiking. What really makes this nature park so special are two unique spots within the park: Pink Lake and King Mountain.

Park guests can make their way toward Pink Lake by walking along a trail that leads to and surrounds the lake. Along the trail are plenty of pine and maple trees, and if you’re lucky to be studying English as a second language in the autumn, you’ll see the leaves change colour to red, orange, and yellow! Pink Lake is a meromitic lake, which means that the water on the surface of the lake doesn’t mix with the water below. This is why the lake has a beautiful green colour to it (not pink, as the lake’s name would suggest!).

King Mountain is awesome if you love hiking. It’s an uphill climb that is challenging, but not too tough to handle. What makes King Mountain special are the many lookouts that guests can use to see the rest of Ottawa. Make sure to have a camera, because if you go even higher to the Eardley Escarpment, you can see even more of the Ottawa Valley from 300 metres high. It’s a wonderful opportunity for ESL students to take beautiful pictures!

Studying English as a second language in London, ON? Check out Medway Valley!

London, Ontario, isn’t without its beautiful and relaxing nature parks, one of the best being Medway Valley Heritage Forest. This nature park has plenty of rare and stunning natural sights such as dense forests, marshes, creeks, and trails that give guests access to places such as the Museum of Ontario Archeology, as well as the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate. We’d recommend heading over to the park’s flower covered valley slopes to check out the beautiful trilliums, violets, and trout lilies. Be sure to take a picture with your friends for a wonderful memory!

Canada is a country proud of its Indigenous heritage, and Medway Valley Heritage Forest is a nature park with a rich and long history. For thousands of years, the forests and valleys that make up the park were home to Indigenous people known as the Attawandaron by the Huron-Wendat Nation, and as the Neutral Nation by European colonisers. In fact, a village of more than 2,000 people used to be located where the Museum of Ontario Archeology is now.

Students learn about Indigenous peoples and their cultures
Students learn about Indigenous peoples and their cultures

Study ESL at CultureWorks and check out Niagara Parks!

One of the great perks about registering in English for academic purposes courses at CultureWorks is the day trips students can participate in. For example, students can enjoy a trip to Niagara Falls, one of Canada’s greatest natural wonders. While you’re there, Niagara Parks, which is the nature park that maintains and preserves the area around Niagara Falls, offers a lot of different nature trails and gardens to explore. Start by taking a hike up the paths of the Niagara Glen and you’ll see plenty of rocky cliffs, pines, and local plants. Take a look over the edge of some paths and you might just catch a glimpse of the Niagara River Whirlpool!

Check out the many attractions and activities you can enjoy at Niagara Parks:

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