4 amusement parks to visit when studying English in Canada

studying English in Canada

Canada may be known for its cold winters, but summer here is also a wonderful experience. Festivals, Canada Day celebrations, and visits to local wildlife reserves are all a fun part of studying in Canada during the summer. These aren’t the only activities ESL students can look forward to. Canada also has several theme parks to visit!

For students who want to learn English and have fun at the same time, here are just some of the many places to explore.

1. Take a trip to East Park for many different activities

If you decide to study English as a second language in London, Ontario, you might want to visit East Park during your studies. This amazing amusement park has plenty of different activities and games to try. First, there are the indoor activities such as bumper cars, rock climbing, and even an arcade!

ESL students can enjoy arcade games and more at East Park!
ESL students can enjoy arcade games and more at East Park!

Then you have fantastic outdoor games such as go karting, which allow ESL students to drive around a racetrack with friends. Practising baseball at the batting cages can also be a wonderful activity to try. It’s a perfect way to enjoy local culture and have fun at the same time!

2. Canada’s Wonderland is a must-see for students studying English in Canada

Located near Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland is the biggest amusement park in the whole country. It’s also one of the most popular. This amusement park has several thrilling roller coasters, such as the Leviathan—the tallest roller coaster in Canada. Adventurous students can also try many other rides and roller coasters, including an inverted roller coaster called the Flight Deck, which is a very special experience!

See it for yourself in this short clip:

This park is perfect for students who want an adventure, but even nervous ESL students can have fun too. Canada’s Wonderland also has plenty of more relaxing rides, including a beautiful antique carousel. This theme park even has a water park with a wave pool, slides, and more!

3. Calypso Water Park is perfect for a warm summer day

Summertime in Canada can get very hot, which is why many Canadians love to visit water parks during this time of year. For students learning English in Ottawa, visiting Calypso Water Park can be a wonderful activity to enjoy with friends.

This water park is the biggest water park in the country, and is home to some of Canada’s tallest and fastest waterslides. Students interested in studying English in Canada can slide down the mighty Adrenaline, spin around the vortex of the Black Hole, and brave the twists and turns of the Boomerango and Aqualoops! Wave pools, volleyball courts, and more also await students at this fun park.

4. Play some laser tag and more at Fun Haven

Trips and activities help students make new friends, enjoy local attractions, and also practice their English. It’s why top ESL schools such as CultureWorks plan many different activities for students.
Fun Haven is another fun amusement centre in Ottawa where students can have fun, relax, and practice English. For starters, students can work together to solve puzzles in Fun Haven’s escape rooms. Each escape room has a theme and a story, and it’s up to participants to solve the puzzle before the time runs out. Fun Haven also has other great activities such as laser tag and a special game called Laser Frenzy, which is a maze participants need to try to complete without touching any lasers.

For students who want to make memories that last a lifetime, these activities and parks offer a wonderful adventure!

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