Want to learn English as a second language? Here are 4 ways to improve your reading skills!

English as a second language program

Learning to read in English can be a challenge. To begin with, many words have silent letters. These silent letters can make it difficult to recognize vocabulary students already know, since words can look very different when written. That’s not all, though. English also has a very large vocabulary. In fact, English has more words than any other language!

For students who want to improve their reading skills, the right ESL program can make all the difference. There are also many useful study tips you can use to improve your English reading skills even faster. Want to know what these tips are? Keep reading to learn more!

1. Read books that are appropriate for your level of English

One reason why ESL students might have some difficulty reading certain books in English is because they might be reading books meant for more advanced readers. Instead of picking up some Shakespeare, try easier short stories or novels that interest you. With texts that are meant for your specific reading level, you may start to feel more comfortable instead of frustrated. This can also be an excellent way to learn new vocabulary words. Write new words down and look them up with a dictionary to help build up your vocabulary when completing an intensive English program in Canada.

2. Try reading out loud

Reading out loud is great for helping students improve their reading fluency. This approach also helps students with their pronunciation. Being able to better pronounce English words might lessen the amount of time it takes for an ESL student to read each sentence in a text, which can help them feel more confident as they improve. Reading out loud can also help ESL students remember certain words in English more easily and better notice when they make mistakes. A good strategy to try is to follow each sentence with your finger to keep you from accidentally skipping any words.

3. Playing board games can make you a better reader

Playing board games with friends can be a really fun way to improve your ability to read in English. One of the best and oldest word games is called Scrabble. The goal of the game is to use the letters that you have been given to spell out words on the board to earn points. Students in an English as a second language program can also try fun games such as Taboo and Word Bingo to improve reading skills.

Board games are a great way to improve your English language skills!
Board games are a great way to improve your English language skills!

4. Read with the friends you make in your English as a second language program

Reading with your friends is another great group activity that can help to improve your reading skills. Every ESL student has a different reading level and many of your friends may know the meaning of certain English words that you may not. You can take turns reading a book together, and when someone has trouble with a word, you can help each other understand. Reading together also makes the experience more fun, but be sure to stay focused and not get distracted!

Reading with friends is a great way to support each other’s success!
Reading with friends is a great way to support each other’s success!

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