5 tips for staying organized at ESL school

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Life as an English language student can be very busy, as you balance classroom studies, social activities and rest. However, there are plenty of ways to organize your time which will help you to get great results in school and have lots of fun during your stay in Canada, too!

This advice is easy to follow, and they are great habits to learn for later in life as well. Here are five simple ways to get organized during your stay at English language school in Canada.

Research the country before arriving

It’s normal to be nervous during the first few weeks at English as a second language school, especially if you are studying in a new country. Before arriving, take some time to research the city and country that you are visiting.

Find out about the transport routes and the price of everyday products or services. Learn what kind of weather to expect there, too. This can often be different depending on the time of year you arrive. For instance, you should be prepared for the extreme cold if studying in Canada during winter, but there’s no need to pack heavy jackets if you are arriving for the summer.

Use calendars and to-do lists at ESL school

Once you’ve got used to the country you are in, then it’s time to concentrate more on your studies. You will have different tasks to complete for different classes, so prioritize what you need to do on a daily basis.

Create a colourful study calendar for your work desk
Create a colourful study calendar for your work desk

Put a calendar at your desk, or keep it updated on your laptop or smartphone. Give yourself enough time to complete all tasks and keep a to-do list to make sure you are not forgetting anything. Completing all your work on time will reduce your stress levels and help you to get great results.

Use technology correctly

When you are studying in your room, it’s a good idea to keep your smartphone or laptop out of reach unless you need them. But there are times when technology can help you to stay organized. For example, you could organize a group chat with your schoolmates on WhatsApp or Messenger, where people can ask questions about the course.

You might be confused about an assignment, or what needs to be done for class the next day, and being able to contact other students quickly can make it a lot easier. Of course, ESL school teachers are always happy to help, but this is another great option for staying organized.

Take effective notes

There is lots of vocabulary and grammar to learn in the English language, so you will be taking plenty of notes in the classroom. However, you should avoid writing too much. Use short sentences and keywords, because it is much easier to remember smaller pieces of information.

Make sure that it’s easy to read the notes, too, because you will need them when you are revising information before an exam. Use different coloured pens to write words in English and in your own language and use different notebooks for separate classes.

Eat right and get enough sleep

Your brain works much better when it is well rested. Try and get eight hours of sleep every night, and you will have a lot more energy to study the following day. It is not always possible to eat full, healthy meals as a busy student, but there are lots of simple things you can do. Keep some simple fruit or nut-based snacks in your bag on campus, which will give you an energy boost. Remember to drink lots of water, and try to eat plenty of fish, too, which is great brain food.

Get enough rest from study during the day
Get enough rest from study during the day

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