A story of two Peters and how they are planning their passage to priesthood, minus the pickled peppers.

CultureWorks students Peter Tran, left, and Peter Nguyen, right, are heading down the road to priesthood. Here they accompany CultureWorks graduate and staff member, Peter Choi, at a CW event.
CultureWorks students Peter Tran, left, and Peter Nguyen, right, are heading down the road to priesthood. Here they accompany CultureWorks graduate and staff member, Peter Choi, at a CW event.

In this case, a very well known alliteration does not really come into play.

However, it sure is fun when we introduce two charming CultureWorks students.

Neither Peter Tran nor Peter Nguyen, who hail from Vietnam, have ever picked a peck of pickled peppers in their lifetimes.

(And our newest CultureWorks staff addition, Peter Choi, assures us he also has never gone deep for peppers in his home country of China. See photo above)

What the two Peters from Vietnam have in common, in addition to being CultureWorks students, is the lifetime goal to be Catholic priests. And the route they are taking is through St. Peter’s Seminary and King’s University College, next door to each other in London.

Peter Tran talks about coming to Canada to study English and theology

Peter Tran, the older of the two at 27, was recruited from St. Boniface in Winnipeg and he could not be happier. And before King’s, he has to improve his English writing and speaking by taking the ESL program at CultureWorks.

“They told me the (CW) English program in London, Ontario, is better for me, a reason for me to choose study here,” he said. “And another reason is St. Peter’s Seminary is here and the main reason to come here is to study theology.”

While the Canadian weather would never stand in his way, he was somewhat surprised, nevertheless.

“When I came here, I was very shocked about the weather. The weather is so much colder than Vietnam. Now I think Canada is a good temperature. The people are friendly. I think it is good for me to serve here and meet people in Canada,” he said.

Now in Level 7 at our ESL school and most likely graduating at the end of June, he will head to Winnipeg for the summer and return to St. Peter’s and King’s University College in September.

“For me, CultureWorks means a lot of work, but now for me it is a good English program. It makes me do a lot of work … practice, practice every day,” he said.

“Now, I feel CultureWorks is good and I feel comfortable and I enjoy my studying here.”

Peter Nguyen shares what he loves most about the ESL program

Meanwhile, Peter Nguyen, the younger of the two at 20, will be working with the Hamilton, Ont., diocese. He has eight years ahead of him while the older Peter has five years of training.

Peter Nguyen said the program at CultureWorks is difficult, yet fair.

Peter Tran (above) and Peter Nguyen talk about their days at CultureWorks.

“But I think those assignments have helped me to study hard and to gain more knowledge. And it has prepared me for the skills before I go to Western,” he said.

“The teachers in CultureWorks are nice and are fun and they always take care of the students when they have difficult questions. And another thing is Boomalang. That is a good program. After we study in CultureWorks, we can study at home. We can practice our speaking and listening and we can study from the news.”

He, also, has adjusted to the weather.

“I like the environment here, because Vietnam is a little polluted,” he said frankly.

Discussing the bombing in Sri Lanka

Recently, the two young men heading down the road to priesthood, had to face — emotionally at least — the mass bombing in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. More than 250 people died in the explosions at St. Anthony’s Church.

“For me, as a Catholic person, they are like my relatives,” Peter Tran said. “For me, I had a lot of passion for the people in Sri Lanka. They are Catholics, too.”

Peter Nguyen, like his fellow countryman, felt the same.

“The first thing is my emotion,” he said. “I felt so sad for that, but another thing as I am a priest and when I saw a lot of people who died by the terrorism from some crazy people, the first thing I thought is they were not lucky.”

Two fine young men, picking the path to priesthood.

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