3 Canadian Winter-Inspired Foods You Can Try at ESL School in Canada

CultureWorks students love to try cooking new Canadian foods
CultureWorks students love to try cooking new Canadian foods

Canada, the country of the great white north, welcomes diversity. We are a friendly multicultural country that appreciates all different cultures and traditions. In fact, Canada’s food selections are often inspired by the cuisines of other countries. We might even have recipes inspired by the cuisine from your home country!

There are still a few foods that originated in Canada that you can try eating and cooking with your new friends at ESL school. Whether you want to enjoy a sweet treat while skating outside or enjoy a warm meal after spending time out in the snow, there are plenty of Canadian recipes perfect for wintertime.

Keep reading to discover three delicious Canadian foods that are enjoyed across the country during the winter season.

1. Enjoy a Nanaimo Bar at ESL School!

On the beautiful West coast of Canada is an island city called Nanaimo, which is where the Nanaimo Bar dessert was first made. You don’t have to go all the way to Nanaimo to enjoy this dessert, though. Nanaimo bars are popular all across Canada. In fact, you can easily make some with your classmates at ESL school.

The bottom of the dessert is made of wafer crumbs and coconut, the middle is a creamy custard butter filling, and the top is made of melted chocolate. For the ultimate Canadian treat, enjoy a Nanaimo bar while sipping a warm cup of cocoa!

2. Try Poutine at English as a Second Language School

Truthfully, poutine can be enjoyed anytime of the year in Canada. However, this warm and gooey meal is perfect for cold Canadian winters. It’s a great way to warm up after a walk outside, snowball fight, or other wintertime activity you might enjoy at ESL school.

Poutine is made by melting cheese curds onto French fries and pouring gravy on top. Some restaurants offer speciality poutine with bacon, vegetables, smoked meat, and other toppings. Whatever you prefer, you can find the perfect poutine to try this winter while you attend an ESL program in Canada.

3. Try Maple Taffy When You Attend an ESL Program in Canada

Have you seen the Canadian flag? It’s red and white with a giant maple leaf right in the center. Canadians are proud of our maple trees, and maple syrup is one of our most prized food items! We even supply most of the world with maple products. It’s no secret this deliciously sweet syrup is a delightful treat, and included in many Canadian recipes.

While you study English in Canada, make sure you try maple taffy, also known by its French name, tire sur la neige. Maple taffy is a sweet and gooey candy that is made by heating up maple syrup and pouring it onto snow. You lift up the cooled taffy using a wooden stick and it becomes a delicious sweet wintery treat!

CultureWorks students try maple taffy during a class trip
CultureWorks students try maple taffy during a class trip

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