4 Public Speaking Tips for Students in English for Academic Purposes School

English for academic purposes school

It can be scary to stand in front of a group of people and give a presentation. In fact, many native English speakers feel nervous speaking up in front of a crowd. How nervous? According to some statistics, people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of blizzards, volcanoes, and other scary things! If you are speaking in your second language, you might feel even more nervous. Not only are you speaking to a group, but you’re also doing it in a new language.

Fortunately, public speaking doesn’t have to be scary. By attending a supportive and friendly ESL school, as well as following a few tips, you can feel confident speaking to a group of people.

Here are some techniques to try.

1. Students at ESL School Can Succeed in Public Speaking by Speaking Slowly

When people get nervous, they often start speaking faster. This can make it harder to be understood by the audience.

The solution is to speak slowly when doing a presentation. It might seem like you are speaking too slowly, but you are probably actually speaking at a normal speed. Most importantly, the audience will be able to understand you. To develop this habit, try to practise speaking slowly in your Listening & Speaking class at ESL school.

2. You Can Use a Structure to Plan Your Speech

To make it easier for yourself to plan what you will say, try writing down your subject, how you want to begin, and all the points you want to discuss.

This can help you come up with good points to make in your speech. It can also help you find ways to move from one topic to another in a natural way. This can help you stay calm and look confident during your speech.

english as a second language program
Structuring your speech can help you make good points

3. For a Great Speech, Students at ESL School Should Think About Who They Are Speaking To

When giving a speech, it’s important to use words your audience will understand. For example, if you are giving a speech about engineering technology to a group of people who don’t know much about engineering, you should use simple words to make sure they can understand everything you’re saying.

At our English for academic purposes school, you can get lots of support from your professors. If you aren’t sure if most people will know a technical word you want to use, feel free to ask! Over time, you can learn about which words are best for different audiences.

4. Use Helpful Notes Instead of Memorizing Your Entire Speech

Sometimes, students try to memorize their speeches. Unfortunately, when people who memorized a speech forget what they want to say, they can have a hard time getting back on track. This can lead to too long of a pause in the speech.

Instead of memorizing your speech, try to study the main points of your presentation so that you know the material. Write down key points on cards, and if you forget what you want to talk about next, just take a look at the points you’ve written down. This can help you remember what you need to say, and help you speak naturally.

esl school
A few helpful notes can help your speech sound natural

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