4 Reasons CultureWorks Students Take English Courses for King’s University

English courses for king's university
Students relax with friends after ESL class at CultureWorks’ London campus

Choosing your ESL program and future university takes time and research. After all, these schools will be your “home away from home” while you complete your English language training and degree – so it’s important to consider all your options.

In past blog entries, we’ve written about why CultureWorks students choose Carleton and Durham universities.

This time, we’ll take a look at why King’s University – another CultureWorks partner school – could be your ideal place to complete your degree in Canada.

English Courses for King’s University Open Up Diverse Degree Options

Once you reach level 3 in your ESL education at CultureWorks, you’ll be able to start taking special electives in subjects like science, business, and Canadian cultural studies. If you’re most excited about taking an elective in cultural studies, then you might be interested in some of the unique programs offered at King’s.

Esl courses
Electives in science, business, and culture help prepare students for their future university program.

From degrees in economics, business and math, to programs in history, philosophy, and psychology – King’s offers students a range of academic options.

King’s also offers programs that are hard to find at other universities, like disability studies, catholic studies, and thanatology (which teaches students about death, dying and bereavement).

If you’re looking for a unique program, then King’s could be the perfect fit for you! And CultureWorks electives will prepare you with the reading, research, and writing skills you’ll need to succeed at this liberal arts university.

King’s Small Size Will Make You Feel at Home

When you’re traveling abroad to complete English language courses and pursue a university degree, it’s helpful to select a school with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. This way, it will be easier to meet new friends and adapt to the new culture.

Esl program
CultureWorks students hang out with new friends at Pinafore Park in London, Ontario.

King’s University has a small campus that is easy to navigate – and class sizes are small too. It’s easy for students to get to know their professors and make friends with classmates. This helps CultureWorks students feel more connected to the university community, and more at home in London, Ontario.

Benefit from King’s Partnership with Western University

Small universities usually focus on giving students personalized attention, while larger universities enjoy big budgets for cutting-edge facilities. At King’s, you can have the best of both worlds. That’s because King’s is partnered with Western University, one of the biggest universities in Canada!

As a King’s student, you’ll have full access to Western’s facilities, such as their state-of-the-art fitness centre complete with cardio mezzanine and weight room.

Choose King’s after you compete your ESL program and get all the benefits of a big university, combined with the advantages of a friendly, small school experience.

Incorporate Faith into your University Experience

If religion is an important part of your life, going to a Catholic university can be an excellent way to stay connected to your spiritual community while completing your degree. At King’s University College, students can take the Eucharist during regular services. In fact, King’s parish offers services on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on top of Sunday mass.

And as you complete your ESL courses at CultureWorks on the King’s campus, you can even join the university chamber choir or get involved in other religious activities hosted by the school community.

Of course, you don’t have to be Catholic to go to King’s. Students of all faiths are welcome on this friendly campus!

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