4 Reasons to Enroll in a Canadian English as a Second Language School in 2017

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Have you been dreaming of enrolling in an English program, but keep putting it off? 2017 is the perfect year to come to Canada and join the 1.75 billion people around the world who speak English.

There’s a reason Canada was named the top place to go in 2017 by The New York Times. Our picturesque landscape, friendly people, and welcoming culture creates the perfect backdrop for learning English.

Why might 2017 be the best year yet for you to take ESL classes? Here’s a look at some of the reasons why learning English is so important, and why Canada is the perfect learning destination.

1. Enroll in an ESL Program in 2017 to Open Up Career Opportunities

English is becoming more and more prevalent around the world. So much so that it is now considered the global language of business. As a result, completing an ESL program and developing your English skills will open up many career opportunities around the world you may never have had before.

Knowing English will give you the confidence to work in a variety of industries like science and engineering, the business sector, or healthcare. Whether English will become your second, third, or fourth language, employers will find your ability to speak more than one language, and especially English, very valuable.

2. Students Who Are Fluent in English Can Tap Into a Wealth of Articles and Content Online

As English becomes a globally accepted universal language, more and more content on the Internet is being produced in English. In fact, over half—55 per cent—of all website content is written in English. By learning to read English you will be able to tap into many online resources including blogs, academic articles, and research you might have had difficulty understanding before.

3. Enroll in an ESL Program in 2017 to Access a Top Canadian Education

Many ESL students want to complete an intensive English program in Canada so that they can eventually attend a top-notch English speaking university or college. In fact, many of the world’s top universities teach in English.

To help students make a smooth transition into a Canadian university, CultureWorks students can gain conditional acceptance into Canadian universities and colleges when they apply to our ESL school. Once they complete the CultureWorks ESL program, they can then begin their university studies in Canada, without having to complete an IELTS or TOEFL test.

4. Students Living and Studying in Canada in 2017 Get to Enjoy Canada’s 150th Birthday

ESL students who decide to learn English in Canada will have even more to look forward to this year. That’s because this year Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday! To celebrate this historic achievement, cities across Canada are hosting extra fun events. There will be plenty of special museum exhibitions, concerts, and other once-in-a-lifetime events that you can attend while studying in Canada.

In addition to these special celebrations, Parks Canada is making admission to all of Canada’s 200 National Parks and historic sites free. It’s the perfect year for ESL students to explore Canada’s unique culture and beautiful outdoors while completing their English studies.

In 2017, ESL students can celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!
In 2017, ESL students can celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

Are you ready to enroll in English as a second language school this year and enjoy all that Canada has to offer?

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