4 Reasons ESL Students Take English Courses for Durham College

CultureWorks grads get ready to start their university studies at Durham College.
CultureWorks grads get ready to start their university studies at Durham College.

CultureWorks is partnered with 6 top quality Canadian universities. Once our students successfully complete their English language program, they get accepted to one of these universities and can start their degree program right away. But how do you know which university is right for you?

A few weeks ago, we shared some of the advantages of choosing our partner, Carleton University. Here’s a look at another one of our amazing partner schools, Durham College, and 4 reasons why it could be your top choice for post-secondary studies in Canada!

1. Durham College Offers the Latest Training in Business & Engineering

At Durham college, programs are market-focused, which means that they are carefully researched and adapted to fit new trends in engineering, business, and other fields. Each program is designed to prepare students for jobs that are currently in demand. That’s why Durham college graduates find work quickly after graduation. In fact, 85.1% of recent grads found work just 6 months after graduating!

And, if you already have a degree like a Bachelor’s in Science, Durham offers fast track diplomas in Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Technology and more that can take as little as one year to complete.

Elective courses in ESL programs like CultureWorks ensure students are prepared for business and engineering courses at Durham College. We make sure you learn the special English vocabulary and academic skills you will need to succeed during your degree.

2. Study English on a Beautiful Campus in an Ideal Location

Durham College has two campuses in Oshawa and Whitby that are packed with amazing facilities. These campuses offer a welcoming small town Canadian atmosphere, and for city-loving students, Toronto is just a short drive away.

Durham College campus in Oshawa, Ontario
Durham College campus in Oshawa, Ontario

At Durham, you can enjoy amazing local food at Bistro ‘67, study in the spacious Learning Commons, or explore the vast collection of Durham’s library.

You can also stay fit while you study English by visiting Durham’s 28,000-sq.-ft. triple gym, 10,000-sq.-ft. fitness centre, or two squash courts. Durham College even has an indoor golf range where you can practise your golf swing!

CultureWorks students play soccer on the Durham College campus
CultureWorks students play soccer on the Durham College campus

3. Durham College Offers Support & Guidance to International Students

Studying in a new country and in a new language can be intimidating! That’s why Durham College offers plenty of support services for international students. From the moment you step on campus, Durham’s staff provides you orientation, academic, and career support.

And if you’re the first in your family to go to university, Durham even offers special assistance programs to make sure you succeed in your studies and make a smooth transition to university life.

4. Durham Offers a Memorable Experience from ESL School to University

Part of the fun that comes with studying abroad is getting to meet new friends, enjoy new experiences, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

From your first days at the CultureWorks ESL school at Durham, to your first term as a student at the college – you’ll find this is the perfect place to earn a degree while exploring the best of Canadian culture!

Would you like to take English courses for Durham College? Why not visit our website and find out how CultureWorks can help you get there.