4 reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes at ESL school

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Making mistakes can be frustrating, but it is also an important part of studying English. Nobody can speak the language fluently after a short period of time. Even native English speakers make mistakes! It takes a lot of practise to learn English, and you will make mistakes when talking or writing to other people.

Fortunately, you can learn a lot from the mistakes you make. In fact, they’re an important part of the learning process. Here are four reasons why students shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes.

1. You need to practise speaking to learn English

Learning a new language is impossible if you don’t practise speaking it with other people. This could happen when you’re in a classroom with other students, or when you’re ordering food at a restaurant. It can even happen during fun outings and activities at ESL school.

You need plenty of practice to become a confident speaker, so practise what you have learned so far when talking to other people. Try and stay confident about your language skills, even if you think you’re making a lot of mistakes. The person you’re talking to will understand that it takes time to improve.

2. You will remember the correct information after making mistakes

When you don’t understand an English word in a conversation, it’s an opportunity to learn. The next time you need to use that word, you will know the correct meaning and how to use it properly. This is only possible if you have the confidence to try speaking and writing English. You will probably make mistakes, but you won’t do it a second time if you recognize your error.

3. Pronunciation mistakes are common at ESL school

Learning to pronounce English words correctly is a big part of learning the language, and it’s something that you can’t do from a book. The only way to learn how to pronounce words properly is by talking to other people in your ESL program in Canada. Speaking to native English speakers will expose you to the correct pronunciation of different words. Try and find people who will tell you when you are pronouncing the word incorrectly, because you will only learn if you know you have made a mistake.

4. Learning English is a brave challenge

You might feel nervous about speaking English in front of other people because you don’t want to be embarrassed when making a mistake. You definitely should not feel embarrassed, because learning English is not an easy challenge. A lot of native English speakers don’t know a second language, so what you are doing is a great achievement.

Learn from your mistakes to get great results
Learn from your mistakes to get great results

Getting used to making mistakes and adapting to a new environment will help you feel confident about your ability to overcome future challenges. Whether studying at university or beginning your career after graduation, you’ll feel better prepared for meeting the challenges ahead after learning to make mistakes at ESL school.

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