4 Stress-Busting Tips To Try During Exam Time at Your ESL School in Canada

English as a second language program

It’s perfectly normal for ESL students to feel a bit stressed from time to time. Learning a new language and living in a different country can sometimes feel like a big challenge—especially during exam time! That’s why studying English in a supportive and friendly environment can be a big help.

If you decide to study English at CultureWorks, our friendly instructors will help you feel at ease while you learn your second language. And if you need a few extra ways to reduce stress, we’ve included four helpful tips you can try during exam time.

1. Study a Bit Each Day to Reduce Stress at ESL School in Canada

It’s always a good idea to start studying year long before an exam. To get a head start, read over your notes after each class to make sure that you understand and remember each lesson. Write down any questions you might have about course material so that you can ask your instructor later. This way, you’ll feel prepared for your exam and won’t feel nervous before you take your test.

CultureWorks’ friendly instructors are there to answer all of your questions
CultureWorks’ friendly instructors are there to answer all of your questions

2. Good Sleep Habits Help Students in Intensive English Programs to Feel Relaxed

If you want to stay stress-free during exam time, one good way to do so is to get plenty of sleep. Why? Studies have shown that getting the recommended amount of sleep (seven to eight hours) reduces your stress levels. In one experiment, researchers found that “Sleep-deprived participants reported greater subjective stress, anxiety, and anger than rested controls,” meaning that if you take a test without a good night’s sleep, you might feel more stressed than normal.

Additionally, getting enough sleep will help you to remember what you have studied in your English as a second language program, and make it easier to stay awake during your exam, too.

3. Remember to Eat Healthy While Attending ESL school in Canada

If you do have to stay up late to study while you attend ESL school in Canada, eating healthy foods instead of sugary snacks can help your body better manage stress. Healthy foods that are rich in nutrition, such as fruits and vegetables, and slow-burning carbohydrates, like rice or pasta, helps your body handle the extra stress of exams. Healthy food also provides nourishment for the mind, so you can perform at your best during exam time.

CultureWorks students eat a tasty meal during our potluck
CultureWorks students eat a tasty meal during our potluck

4. Practice Positive Thinking While Attending ESL School in Canada

If you are feeling stressed during exam time, try to write down your thoughts. If a stressful thought pops in your mind, replace it with something positive. For example, try replacing thoughts like “this is a really tough exam!” with “I’m going to start studying early and ace this exam”. By practicing positive thinking, you can feel empowered and ready for an upcoming test instead of stressed.

And don’t forget to have fun! After all, studying at a top ESL school like CultureWorks is more than just about exam time. It’s also about making new friends from all over the world, discovering a new culture, and enjoying the time you spend learning English in Canada.

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