4 time-management tips to use when completing your intensive English training online

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Studying online can offer a lot of flexibility. You can complete coursework from the comfort of your own home, save money on your studies, and still receive a top-quality education all at the same time.

Even with these benefits, some students might still feel nervous and worry that without the structure of a classroom, they will fall behind in their studies. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to stay focused and complete your coursework on time.

Here are some time-management tips you can use!

1. Set up a calendar before your intensive English training

One of the most important steps you can take during your intensive English training is to make a plan and write it down. You can use whichever calendar system works best for you. This can be on your cell phone, computer, or even on a paper calendar you put up in your room.

First, you should write down important dates and deadlines so that you don’t forget anything. Then, write in study time so that other plans don’t get in the way of your coursework. When planning out your schedule, it’s also important to think about when you are at your most productive. Some people might study better late at night, while others might be at their most productive early in the morning. To help you stay focused, try to set aside time for studying when you have the most energy.

2. Eliminate possible distractions during study sessions

Effective time management isn’t just about making a solid plan; it’s also about making sure that you use your time effectively. Otherwise, you might need to spend more time studying or miss a deadline for an assignment. To stay focused, it’s a good idea to turn off all of your notifications or even leave your phone in another room when studying.

The space you study in is also very important. Your focus might increase when sitting in a certain chair or listening to a specific genre of music. You might even study best in a local library or coffee shop! If there is anything specific that helps you focus or, on the other hand, distracts you, then keep that in mind when creating your ideal study environment.

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Minimize distractions during your study time

4. Avoid procrastination by staying motivated

Procrastination is one of the biggest time killers. It’s the practice of postponing doing something, even when you shouldn’t. Everyone has done it at some point or another, but it can disrupt the rest of your schedule, and that’s bad time management. Staying motivated can help you avoid procrastinating during your online courses, and one great way to boost your motivation is to keep your end goal in mind.

For example, maybe you are completing CultureWorks’ online Academic English Gateway Program because you would like to study English in Canada and attend a Canadian university. This can be a truly rewarding experience, and remembering this goal can help you stay focused throughout your studies.

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Decorating a bulletin board with inspiring pictures and quotes can help you stay motivated

A picture of the university you would like to attend, motivational quotes, and other reminders can all help you to stay motivated too. Find what works for you, and keep a reminder of what you’re ultimately working towards nearby.

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