4 Ways a Top ESL School Helps Students Discover Canadian Culture

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of learning another language is that it allows the language learner to immerse themselves in cultures other than their own. Language is the key to unlocking doors to new food, dance, music, and so much more. Canadian culture is wonderfully diverse and is fun to learn and take part in! ESL school in Canada can assist you in not only learning English as a second language, but also teach you about Canadian culture as well. Graduate Pedro Sávio Gama dos Santos explains that “I’m grateful to CultureWorks for helping me understand Canadian culture in such an immersive, easy and fun way, and for encouraging me to step up to the university level more confident and prepared.”

CultureWorks really does help you grasp Canadian culture as you prepare to study at a Canadian university. Read on to discover how a top ESL school like CultureWorks can help you learn about Canadian culture.

1. ESL Schools in Canada Provide Electives on Canadian Culture

In CultureWorks’ ESL program in Canada, students have the opportunity to choose between an exciting array of elective options, including a ‘Canadian Cultural Studies’ course.

This course becomes available once students reach Level 3 of the ESL program. Level 3 is when students will begin to work on aspects of real academic essays, use more sophisticated grammar, and even have the opportunity to participate in a poster presentation, so the timing to begin learning about culture is perfect!

There are many interesting aspects of Canadian culture that students may take a liking to, including the production of the Canadian delicacy, maple syrup, and our unapologetic love of hockey. Canada’s diverse culture and the English language create great opportunities for learning!

2. CultureWorks’ ESL Program in Canada Offers ‘The Daily Boomalang’ for Students

The ‘Daily Boomalang’ is an elective course that teaches English by connecting language to current events around the world. Sessions take place online, through digital conversations with webcams and microphones. During these conversations, students at ESL school talk about news events and stories. These articles can range from Canadian politics to Canadian cultural issues, and can help students learn new words and phrases while also getting a taste of how Canadian culture operates.

esl program in Canada
‘The Daily Boomalang’ allows students to learn and connect online!

3. Homestay Options Help ESL Students Discover Canadian Culture

CultureWorks offers ‘Homestay’ options that allow students to live with a Canadian family. This gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in Canadian culture by engaging in the day-to-day activities of a Canadian household. Even small activities like having breakfast can help to exchange language while building relationships with a host family.

Of course, even students who don’t choose to live in a homestay still get immersed in Canadian culture. That’s because CultureWorks is located right on university campuses, giving ESL students the opportunity to meet Canadians and learn about their culture!

4. Discover Canadian Culture While on Trips at ESL School!

Whether you decide to study in Ottawa, London, or Oshawa, you’ll get to check out local attractions through fun field trips. Each of these locations provides amazing experiences, from the beautiful architecture of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa to the natural beauty of Niagara Falls. These trips help students discover Canadian culture, and practice their English too!

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A trip to Niagara Falls puts students in touch with nature in Canada

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