5 great ways to stay cool this summer when you learn English as a second language

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Canadian winters might be cold, but our summers certainly aren’t! During the hot summer months, temperatures can climb up to over 30 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, Canada is home to many large beaches, lakes, and other natural wonders that will thrill you while keeping the heat and humidity away. You can also try visiting one of Canada’s many water parks, guaranteed to provide you with a fun and exciting time. Here are just some of the fun activities you can look forward to during a summer in Canada.

1. Visit local beaches

Whether it’s passing a beach ball around or playing some volleyball with your friends, the beach is where you can go to have fun, swim, enjoy the sunshine, and stay cool. Should you choose to study English as a second language at CultureWorks’ campus in London, Ontario, there are over 10 unique beaches you can visit! Try going to Sauble Beach, a huge beach with an incredible view right on the shores of Lake Huron, or take a trip over to Port Stanley, another great beach on Lake Erie!

CultureWorks students enjoy a game of tug of war at the beach
CultureWorks students enjoy a game of tug of war at the beach

2. Have you ever tried kayaking?

Kayaking is a fun activity you can do on your own or with friends. Kayaking is also a great way to get exercise too! For new students just starting an intensive English program in Canada, kayaking can be a wonderful way to stay cool and explore local lakes and rivers.

Try kayaking with friends during the summer
Try kayaking with friends during the summer

You can kayak almost anywhere in Ottawa, along slow moving rivers and tranquil lakes, such as Lac Philip and La Peche Lake. You can also try rowing your kayak along Dow’s Lake. The lake has a great pavilion, and it’s close to the Rideau Canal, another great place to kayak!

3. Go on a boat tour

Boat cruises and tours are so much fun, and they’re educational too! There are many different boat touring companies in Ottawa, which can take you around Ottawa’s huge lakes and rivers. Some tours will even have a guide to explain local history and points of interest. One of the most popular boat cruises in Ottawa is along the Rideau Canal, famous for its history, landmarks, and amazing sights. Boat tours are also a great way to just sit back, relax, and cool down after a long hot day!

4. Water parks are a blast!

For maximum fun while attending ESL school in Canada, you have to visit one of the country’s incredible water parks. Students in London, Ontario, can visit East Park. East Park has many cool things to do, such as golf, go carting, and fun water slides! In Ottawa, students can visit Canada’s largest water theme park, Calypso. This water park has 35 different water slides, 100 types of water games, and a massive wave pool!

5. Try a day trip to Niagara Falls when you learn English as a second language

Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most famous natural wonders, and if you decide to enroll at CultureWorks, you’ll have the chance to go on a trip there. Niagara Falls is the meeting place of three great waterfalls, the Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil Falls. One of the best ways to experience Niagara Falls is get onto the Maid of the Mist boat cruise, which takes you up close to the waterfalls. You’ll definitely cool down near all that water mist!

Have fun at Niagara Falls with CultureWorks!
Have fun at Niagara Falls with CultureWorks!

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