7 Quick Tips to Help You Study English

 ESL program in Canada
A CultureWorks student works on an English assignment at the computer lab

Students planning to pursue a university degree in Canada must be prepared for every aspect of post-secondary life, like attending lectures, studying, speaking up in class, and going out with new friends.

Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help you prepare for these challenges quickly, get the most out of your English classes, and settle into your new surroundings more easily.

Read on to find out some of our top tips to help you study English in Canada.

1.     Ask Your ESL Instructors Questions

In CultureWorks classrooms, instructors are always happy to answer questions, because they understand that the more students ask, the more quickly they learn new English skills.

So don’t be afraid to speak up whenever you’re not sure about something.  All of our instructors have traveled and lived in other countries, so they know exactly how hard it can be to adapt to a new language and new city. They will ensure you get the help you need to reach your learning goals.

English as a second language program
CultureWorks instructors work with students one-on-one in class

2.     Get Social with Native English Speakers

The best way to study English is to speak it as much as you can. Because CultureWorks programs take place directly on the campus of your chosen university, you will get the chance to explore the university, and socialize with other students. Meeting native English speakers will help you improve your conversation skills, while you have fun and make new friends.

3.     Get to Know Canada as You Improve Your English

As part of our program, CultureWorks organizes trips to famous Canadian tourist attractions, and activities like skiing, rafting and hiking. We do this to help students feel more comfortable in their new community, make friends, and get talking in English with local residents.

When you feel at home, you are more likely to take a chance and talk to someone new in English.

Study English
CultureWorks students try out Curling (a favourite Canadian sport) at a local athletics centre

4.     Use Technology to Help Strengthen Your English Studies

Students pursuing an English as a second language program can improve their skills outside of class with the help of technology. There are some great apps for your phone that will help. Duolingo, Storehouse, and SpeakingPal all offer fun exercises and are easy to use while you’re on the go.

5.     Watch English Language Movies and TV Shows

Try watching your favorite movie in English, without subtitles, or tune into local TV. Hearing English at home regularly will help with comprehension and grammar, and make you feel more comfortable conversing in your new language.

6.     Read and Write in English as Much as You Can

Keep a journal in English of your experience at ESL school in Canada, and read English news articles. Text your friends in English and write English social media posts. Your grammar, vocabulary and spelling will quickly get better.

English as a second language program
A CultureWorks student works on a writing assignment at the London, Ontario campus

7.     Make your ESL Program Fun by Studying Subjects You Enjoy

Learning English is easier when you’re studying something you’re interested in.  CultureWorks offers elective programs where you can learn language skills for the degree of your choice, such as engineering or mathematics, as well as fun classes on current events and Canadian culture.

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