CultureWorks has announced an exciting new program, called Refer and Reward, offering a $250 (CAD) reward for each new student referral. 

Current and former students can help friends and colleagues take an important step in their academic journey by sharing their experiences with CultureWorks. If you know someone who could benefit from CultureWorks, you simply refer them to CultureWorks by filling out the Student Referral Form

The new student referral program is open to all current CultureWorks students, former students, families of current and former students, staff and friends of CultureWorks. The program rewards you with $250 for each new student referral, providing the referred student enrolls for and completes at least one 8-week term within 12 months of the referral. See full program details.
Refer a friend and reward yourself today!

CultureWorks COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Effective: September 7th, 2021

Important health and safety measures to protect CultureWorks students and staff members

To support the continued health and safety of all of our students and employees, and in accordance with the instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (OCMOH) regarding mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies, CultureWorks has developed the following COVID-19 Vaccination Policy effective on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021.

This policy applies to all CultureWorks students and employees (faculty staff, full-time and part-time employees, contractors) and volunteers who attend indoor instructional spaces on campus or who visit CultureWorks offices for any reason. The OCMOH directive requires CultureWorks as a “Covered Organization” to implement these precautions and procedures. It also requires us to collect, maintain and disclose (in non-identifiable personnel form) information as outlined in this policy document to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU).  

CultureWorks COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy

Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 is required for all CultureWorks students, employees and visitors involved in any in-person activities on campus or at CultureWorks offices, with the rare exception of those individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to permitted exemptions (medical and other protected grounds under the Human Rights Code). 

  • Individuals who were vaccinated in Ontario can provide proof of immunization by downloading or printing their vaccine receipt from the provincial booking portal.

You can also call the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900. Immunization proof is to be forwarded to

  • Individuals who are unvaccinated due to permitted exemptions, will be required to:
    • undergo rapid antigen screening testing twice per week.
      These tests must be a minimum of 72 hours apart and must be administered by an approved third-party licensed pharmacist/practitioner approved by CultureWorks, who shall administer the test and submit the testing results directly to CultureWorks. CultureWorks will not accept self-administered test results.
      CultureWorks will not be reimbursing the cost of these tests and it will be the individual’s responsibility to arrange and forward, within 2 days, results of tests to Initial test results must be submitted 7 days prior to entry to our on-campus locations.
    • attend an information session on COVID-19 vaccines, and show proof of attendance.
  • Individuals who decline vaccination for reasons other than permitted exceptions, will be required to:
    • undergo rapid antigen screening testing twice per week.
      These tests must be a minimum of 72 hours apart and must be administered by an approved third-party licensed pharmacist/practitioner approved by CultureWorks, who shall administer the test and submit the testing results directly to CultureWorks. CultureWorks will not accept self-administered test results.
      CultureWorks will not be reimbursing the cost of these tests and it will be the individual’s responsibility to arrange and forward, within 2 days, results of tests to Initial test results must be submitted 7 days prior to entry to our on-campus locations.
    • attend an information session on COVID-19 vaccines, and show proof of attendance.

Together, we will ensure a safer learning environment and workplace

The CultureWorks COVID-19 Vaccination Policy is designed to support the health and safety measures in place at our offices, and at our on-campus locations at Carleton University, Brescia University College and King’s University College.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is the most effective measure we can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to protect all members of our community. Rapid testing protocols are not preventive, and should not be considered as a replacement for immunization – rapid testing should only be used in instances where vaccination is not possible.

We thank you for your ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of our students and staff members.  Together, we can help to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment and workplace.

CultureWorks Announces New Partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic

CultureWorks is honoured to announce a new partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, designed to offer an unprecedented level of academic support to international students through on-campus language preparation courses, digital language programs and hybrid offerings.

Language programming will open in September, when English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs will be offered to Saskatchewan Polytechnic students through CultureWorks current programs. The on-campus presence will ramp up in January, 2022 to support the program’s growth target in the coming years. The new program will support Sask Polytech’s international goals to enhance its global footprint by supporting the learning and career goals of students from all regions of the world.

“We are looking forward to enhancing the learning opportunities for our international students through this partnership with CultureWorks,” says Dr. Has Malik, Provost and VP, Academic at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. “The CultureWorks EAP program will give international students another vital pathway into our many post-secondary programs, and open doors to increased cultural understanding and exchanges.”

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a public institution for post-secondary technical education skills training, recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise and innovation. Sask Polytech serves 26,000 students through applied learning opportunities at its campuses in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon and offers programs through distance education. Sask Polytech’s relationship with CultureWorks allows the school to further expand its reach to international students.

“Our proven English language programs help to prepare students for the challenges of the academic world, as well as workplace components that may be part of their program,” says Paul Stafford, CultureWorks CEO. “We’re excited to be working with Sask Polytech students who will be studying in programs that serve virtually every sector of the economy.”

CultureWorks, recognized as a top English language school, has provided language preparation programs for 23 years, partnering with leading universities and colleges. Today, CultureWorks academic English programs are offered both on-campus and online, with digital programs offered to international students for the past two years.  

For more information, please contact:
Paul Stafford, CEO

Together, we stand strong against all forms of Islamophobia and racism.

Where there is darkness,
be a shining light.

We are heartbroken by the news of a tragic racist attack on a London Muslim family on Sunday evening, targeted because of their faith. We extend our deepest sympathies and our support to the family and friends of those killed and injured, and to our Muslim community in London and across Canada.

This act of terrorism makes all of us at CultureWorks deeply saddened. It also makes us enraged.

Islamophobia is real, and will not be tolerated in our community, or in any other community. We must all stand against it.

CultureWorks, our university and college partners, the City of London, the Government of Ontario, and the Government of Canada all stand strong and united against this hatred. 

As we grieve, let us all strive to do whatever we can to prevent this kind of hateful act from happening again. 

Reach out to others who are different from you. Learn about them. Try to understand them. Where there is darkness, be a shining light.

Together, we stand strong against all forms of Islamophobia and racism.

We understand our communities are grieving, and we offer our support as we grieve with you.

CultureWorks students, alumni and all members of our community are welcome to reach out to us for support at:
519-679-2648 London
613-667-2339 Ottawa

Derek Martin, CultureWorks Principal
Paul Stafford, CEO, CultureWorks
Tina Bax, CultureWorks Founder

CultureWorks and Algoma University Launch Canada’s First Digital Year 1 University + Language Program

CultureWorks ESL, in partnership with Algoma University Computer Science, announces the launch of Canada’s first online Year 1 university plus English language program, starting in September, 2021.

Applications for the new online Year 1 program are now open for international students. The new Digital Year 1 University Program means they can start university this fall and take all first year university courses plus English language courses in a combined one-year program – fully online from their home country.  The virtual first year university program provides unprecedented opportunities for students who wish to begin their undergraduate studies without the challenges of travelling during the global pandemic.

The first Digital Year 1 University Programs to launch this September are for Algoma University Computer Science programs starting this fall. The online Year 1 university plus language program is designed for international students who are slightly below the English admission requirements for university and who wish to begin their undergraduate studies in the fall. Students can take year 1 online, and year 2 on campus when they are ready. 

Opening new doors for international students

“In our world of uncertainty, the Digital Year 1 University Program provides a surefire pathway for international students to complete year one university from home, saving them time and travel”, says CultureWorks founder Tina Bax. “Integrating digital technology into pathway programs is more critical than ever in the education space. The new digital Year 1 program is a great example of the power of technology in opening new doors for international students.”

The new Digital Year 1 University + Language Program is designed for international students who apply for conditional acceptance into an undergraduate degree program, and are slightly below the English language admission requirement. The online program features live classes in real time with Algoma University professors and CultureWorks faculty as well as asynchronous studies. The program allows students to complete their first year university credits and required English language courses within 12 months online from their home country.

High calibre programming in Computer Science at Algoma University

With the Digital Year 1 program, international students can apply to Algoma University Computer Science programs by June 30th, 2021 for admission to the Computer Science Program offered by the university’s two campus locations in Sault Ste. Marie and Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

The School of Computer Science and Technology (SCST) builds on Algoma University’s long-established Computer Science Program (Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science), with specializations and minors in Mobile Software Engineering, Computer Game Technology, and Computer Game Technology/Creative Arts.

The SCST delivers high calibre programming with a focus on creativity and innovation. The university focuses on academic excellence, concentrating on the educational and practical opportunities required to succeed in today’s economy. The SCST is known internationally for having one of the most advanced Computer Games Technology specializations, making the school a dynamic and exciting place to learn. Students and researchers from all over the world come to learn and grow their skills in state-of-the-art computer labs.

CultureWorks is proud to partner with Algoma University and other leading Canadian universities to transform the higher Ed landscape, helping international students achieve their academic and career dreams.

Expanding your program online? Partner with CultureWorks.

For post-secondary partners looking to innovate pathways, CultureWorks can get you up and running within a week.
If you are expanding your program online, book a confidential meeting to find out how we can help you ensure success.

Single point of access for students
Working with select institutions, we offer the CultureWorks program through a single point of access from your current Learning Management System (LMS). The result is a seamless experience for your students.

Revenue sharing model
Our revenue sharing model ensures a sustainable and profitable EAP program for your school, with a continued path of access for prospective and incoming students.

Train and launch within one week
Our proven digital English language platforms are easily adaptable. We can fine-tune the program to your needs, train faculty, and get you up and running within one week.

A program customized to your goals
Each partner school has unique challenges. We work with you every step of the way, from curriculum support to faculty training and ongoing support. With no long-term contract and no loss of control over admissions, you have the control and flexibility you need for future growth.

Unique partnership with University of Toronto Mississauga

With a unique collaboration, several courses are offered in a virtual setting by University of Toronto Mississauga and CultureWorks faculty members.  

Students can enhance their language skills and explore university options while developing their leadership skills. 

For instructors, the Teacher Development Program supports faculty in making a smooth transition to virtual or online teaching and learning. 

CultureWorks graduate Hanqi Wang among 2020 King’s University College Gold Medal Recipients

Hanqi Wang ’20 is the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies Honours Gold Medal Award recipient. Wang, from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China, will be attending the Master of Economics Program at the University of British Columbia.

Wang enjoyed sharing his experiences with first-year students while teaching at King’s Management, Economics, and Mathematics Help Centre. One of his favourite memories, however, took place at the 2020 School of Management, Economics and Mathematics (MEM) Gala when he and his friends chatted until midnight with Dr. Joseph Turnbull (Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Mathematics) about spies and threats related to spying.

“King’s School of MEM let me have the unique chance to study all management, economics, and mathematics in depth. As a management student who is passionate about economics, and also obsessed with mathematics, I got the exact training I wanted. The training not only helped me get offers from top graduate schools, but also gave me both the practical and theoretical intuition to tackle the same problem in businesses, which is undoubtedly beneficial for my graduate studies and future career,” says Wang.


OKR Financial and CultureWorks

TORONTO, ON and CALGARY, AB, March 22, 2021 – OKR Financial and CultureWorks are pleased to announce a new partnership, in the form of significant investment funding to further support CultureWorks’ mission and vision of increasing access to education for students around the world.

OKR Financial became involved with CultureWorks as a partner in 2016. Seeing its potential as a digital English language platform, OKR continued to assist in the growth of the company by providing expert consultation and coaching by the Managing Partners and Executive Team. 

As the world went virtual last year and the face of education changed entirely, CultureWorks’ digital programs became even more important. OKR Financial furthered its involvement with an investment to keep the company on its fast upward trajectory. This investment allowed CultureWorks to complete the development of its digital language pathway, while growing student enrolment and opening centres around the world. These centres support program delivery, recruitment efforts, and brand expansion for CultureWorks and its educational partners.  

“A made-in-Canada, university Senate approved solution is now available to Canadian post-secondary partners looking to innovate their pathways,” Founder Tina Bax emphasizes. “We’re going to have so much fun taking our successful model out into the world and expanding options for partners and students. 95% of our students are studying offshore right now, and we anticipate increased diversity each term. It’s great to have the stability at home in Canada, and the financial power to differentiate ourselves in the market again.”

Paul Stafford, leading the company’s growth as CEO, agrees. “CultureWorks has always been an innovator in the digital education space, and we have seen over the past year how critical it is to effectively integrate technology into pathway programs. We do this well at CultureWorks. The significant investment by OKR allows us to accelerate our growth into new markets, and we are rapidly building out our infrastructure currently. We are excited at the opportunity we have in front of us, and we are focused on delivering results for our University and College partners in the coming years.”   

As Wesley Mills, Investment Partner at OKR shares, “we are pleased to support companies with high potential such as CultureWorks as they seek to educate young minds and help change the world.” OKR Financial is an alternative finance company focused on helping growth companies access capital using government finance programs and traditional bridge lending.

Learn more about both companies at and

About OKR Financial
OKR Financial operates a family of private funds that provides non-dilutive financing solutions to Canadian SMEs by leveraging Federal & Provincial SR&ED tax credits and Government funded programs, providing a pathway to equity financing when companies are ready to scale up.

About CultureWorks
CultureWorks is a digital English language pathway program headquartered in Canada. For twenty-three years it has graduated students to post-secondary schools in North America. It is adding four locations abroad for recruitment and program delivery in 2021, new destination partnerships and programs, and is innovating pathways aimed at increasing accessibility to partner schools.

Summer Pathways for September Starts

If you have a 5.0, 5.5 or 6.0 IELTS and are almost ready for university, we’ll get you there this summer!

Algoma requires 5.0-5.5 and has a $2,000 CAD scholarship for all international students registering this summer for summer and fall degree programs! Come and learn more here.