Canadian-approved advice for enjoying the outdoors at ESL school in Canada

English as a second language program in Canada

Winter, spring, summer, and fall are very different in Canada, but all times of the year offer great opportunities to take part in outdoor activities. Whether you’re interested in ice skating, boating, biking or hiking, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy all year long. Even if you come from a city, it’s very easy to start getting involved in these fun activities.

Students learning English in Canada can spend lots of time outside of the classroom exploring the outdoors. It’s one of the best parts about studying in this country, because there is always something new to do. Here is how to get ready for these great adventures.

Buy suitable outdoor clothing

Winter is, of course, very cold in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all the time. You just need to wear the right clothing during outdoor activities. Buy yourself a heavy jacket, a nice woolly hat, and some tough boots to handle the snow. Some thermal clothing is also a good idea if the temperatures are very low.

If you’re studying English as a second language in Canada during the summer, however, then you don’t need to worry about those low temperatures. It gets pretty hot in Ontario, making it great for long trips in the countryside. T-shirts and shorts are all you will need during these summer months, and maybe a rain jacket too, just in case.

Be prepared for the cold during winter in Canada
Be prepared for the cold during winter in Canada

Discover great outdoor activities to try in Ontario

When you’re studying at CultureWorks, you are fortunate to be close to amazing scenery. The province of Ontario is full of beautiful parks where you can walk, cycle, or run. You could visit Algonquin Provincial Park, north of Toronto, where you can hike your way through Barron Canyon. Or you could travel to Niagara Falls to look at the powerful waterfall and do some rock climbing at the Niagara Escarpment.

When the snow arrives in winter, that creates new opportunities for outdoor adventures. Ontario’s largest ski resort is Blue Mountain, but there are many other places where you can enjoy winter sports. You can also try dogsledding, snowshoeing, or tobogganing.

Tips for staying safe outdoors

When participating in outdoor activities while attending ESL school in Canada, it’s important to take a few safety measures. During the summer, temperatures regularly rise above 30 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, so wear sunscreen to avoid getting burned. Keep a supply of bug repellent with you as well to prevent any bites on your skin.

Do lots of research before going on an adventure. Be alert to potentially dangerous animals and keep a map with you just in case your smartphone runs out of battery. During the winter, make sure you wear plenty of warm clothes, and go inside for a little while if you feel very cold. Stay safe and enjoy the beauty of Canada!

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