Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day when you study English in Canada

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St. Patrick’s Day, also called the Feast of St. Patrick, is an Irish holiday that takes place every year on March 17th. It celebrates Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Because hundreds of thousands of Irish people moved to Canada in the 1800s, St. Patrick’s Day is still celebrated by many Canadians to this day. More than four million Canadians are of Irish descent!

You don’t have to be of Irish descent to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, though. In fact, while four million Canadians are of Irish descent, more than 30 million Canadians aren’t, and they also love enjoying this fun celebration. Here are some of the ways to celebrate while you’re learning English in Canada.

The easiest way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to wear green

Green is one of the national colours of Ireland, which is why many people will wear it on St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to participate in St. Patrick’s Day, the easiest way to start is to wear a bit of green yourself!

Green t-shirts, green pants, green shoes, and even green face paint are all common on St. Patrick’s Day. You have plenty of options for how you can dress up, so why not give it a try?

Go see a St. Patrick’s Day Parade with friends from your intensive English program

One of the most common ways St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated is with a big parade. Organizations, businesses, and regular people put on green clothes and walk and dance as part of a big parade through the city. There is usually music as well as Irish-themed activities to enjoy.

Many Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa will have a big St. Patrick’s Day Parade. For students completing an intensive English program, it can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with new friends and enjoy Canadian (and Irish!) culture.

Here’s a look at Ottawa’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkEMmsJz4_M]

Have a meal at an Irish pub to enjoy a taste of Irish-Canadian culture

Irish pubs have cozy decor, delicious food like Irish stew, and a fun Irish-inspired atmosphere. You can often see European soccer games playing on the TVs in an Irish pub, and some of the most popular drinks are Irish beers such as Guinness and Kilkenny, as well as delicious apple cider. On St. Patrick’s Day, there’s also a good chance that there will be live music to listen to.

Irish pubs are a great place to go to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so consider giving it a try! Just make sure you and your friends get there early so that you can get a table! Pubs are especially popular on St. Patrick’s Day.

Read a book of Irish myths and legends while at ESL school

The Irish are famous for their storytelling and have many interesting myths and legends. If you want a fun way to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, reading some of these stories is a great idea!
Irish stories are full of daring heroes and all kinds of wonderful adventures, so they can be quite exciting to read. They’re also a great way to get a little extra practice during your free time while at ESL school! For the full Irish experience, have some Irish breakfast tea while you read.

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