Considering an ESL program in Canada? Here’s why celebrating Christmas in Canada is a unique experience

ESL program in Canada

Winter in Canada is a truly wonderful time of the year. Snow covers the ground, and shops and homes are covered with decorations such as wreaths, lights, and garlands. There is so much to enjoy during this time of year. For many ESL students, experiencing a Canadian winter is exciting. The holiday season adds another fun element, which includes tasty foods, fun songs, and more!

Here are just a few reasons why Christmas in Canada is a unique experience.

Christmas in Canada incorporates traditions and foods from many different cultures

Christmas in Canada includes elements from many different cultures. For example, some Canadians enjoy foods such as Christmas pudding, which is a traditional British dessert. Canadians may also eat Yule log (called Buche de Noel in French). Yule log is a round cake shaped like a tree log. It’s a tradition that was brought to Canada from France and still included in festivities to this day.

A Yule log is a dessert often enjoyed at Christmas
A Yule log is a dessert often enjoyed at Christmas

American traditions are also found in Canada too, as Canadians drink eggnog, a sweet milky beverage that is usually only found in Canada and the United States during this time of year. Grocery stores may also sell panettone, a light Italian fruit cake.

Canadians have many different faiths and traditions, so the holiday season isn’t just about Christmas. Hanukkah is celebrated by many Canadians all over the country, as is Kwanzaa. For students who want to experience many different cultures while learning English, enrolling in an ESL program in Canada could be a great idea!

Music is very important to Christmas celebrations in Canada

In Canada, celebrating Christmas includes plenty of music. You might see carollers sing songs outside to raise money for charity, or hear radio stations play popular Christmas songs.

Canada’s oldest Christmas carol is the Huron Carol, a song originally written in the language of the Huron/Wendat people. This song dates back to the 17th century, and has been passed down for generations, as well as translated into French and English.

You can listen to the Huron Carol in all three languages here:


Canada is one of the biggest producers of Christmas trees in the world

If you want to study English in Canada because you love nature, then this could be a wonderful time to enjoy. Winter in Canada is an experience that is quite unique, and landscapes become very beautiful as they are covered with snow.

Pine trees grow all over the country. In fact, if you decide to go for a hike or walk in the woods, you’ll likely see plenty of them. In the past, many Canadians would cut down their own pine tree to bring home and decorate for Christmas. However, most Christmas trees are now grown on farms. Canada has over a thousand Christmas tree farms, and exports trees to countries all over the world!

Canada has a post address for Santa Claus

Canadian parents usually don’t lie to their children. However, Christmas is an exception. Children in Canada often grow up hearing stories about Santa Claus, a jolly man who lives in the North Pole and delivers presents to children on Christmas. In reality, parents are the ones who buy the gifts, and sneak them under the tree at night when their children are sleeping.

Children write letters to Santa, asking for presents
Children write letters to Santa, asking for presents

It might sound a little strange, but Canadians take this tradition seriously! They take it so seriously that Santa Claus even has an official postal code so that children can write letters to him. Hundreds of volunteers work hard to read each letter and send a reply. If any children ask you about Santa Claus, you can carry of the tradition and tell them that he is real. It’s one of the many fun things about celebrating Christmas in Canada!

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