Creating the Perfect Study Group at ESL School

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Having a study group at ESL school can be a fun way to practise your English. Together, you can go over course material, compare notes, and quiz each other. It can be the perfect way to prepare for an exam or even just practise your English conversation skills.

However, creating the perfect study group can sometimes be difficult. You want to make sure that your group doesn’t get distracted so that each meeting stays productive. How can you create the perfect study group? Here are a few helpful tips to try!

Invite Friends from Your Intensive English Program

The first step to creating the perfect study group is to invite several of your friends and classmates to join. This can seem like a first easy step. After all, ESL schools like CultureWorks work hard to create a friendly and welcoming environment. Even shy students can feel comfortable practising their English and meeting new friends, which makes it easier to ask classmates if they would like to create a study group.

As you ask students in your intensive English program to join your study group, it can be helpful to try and not invite too many. Study groups that are too big can be difficult to schedule. In addition, big study groups are also more likely to get distracted. Instead, try inviting three or four classmates. You can spend time with your other friends later during activities and trips!

Creating Rules Can Help Your Study Group Stay Focused

To make sure that your study group doesn’t get distracted, it might be good to have a few rules everyone follows. For example, you might decide that it’s best if everyone turns off their cell phones during study sessions. Or you could decide that using your cell phones is okay if no one checks their Facebook or other social media accounts.

In addition, having your study group meet regularly will help you establish a routine. This way, you can use study sessions to review the material you learned in your latest classes. By studying a little bit each week, you can avoid feeling stressed just before exams.

Remember to Have Fun at ESL School!

Having a study group is a great way to prepare for assignments and remember lessons, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun at the same time! As you study English in Canada, you’ll get to meet students from all over the world. You will also get to discover Canadian culture, try new foods, and even learn about other cultures as you get to know your new friends. This can be one of the most rewarding parts of learning English as a second language in Canada.

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Making study sessions enjoyable is an important part of creating a study group

To help make your study sessions fun as well as productive, you can try meeting at a local coffee shop, or bring snacks that remind you of home. By making study sessions fun, you’ll feel more motivated to keep going and continue improving your English!

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