CultureWorks Alumni Association

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CultureWorks Alumni Association (CWAA) aims to offer a highly engaged community to connect alumni and friends, both locally and globally, through various activities and services. 

CWAA builds a vigorous alumni network for: 

  • lifelong relationships, 
  • intellectual and emotional connection, 
  • long-term personal and professional development.

Organizational Structure 

CWAA has four teams: Student Support and Programming, Recruitment and Retention, Marketing and Communication, and Finance. 

The Student Support and Programming team members are the planners. They are the ones to plan and execute the monthly events to connect current students and alumni, bring everyone together, and build rapport.

Introduction from Barry Yu, VP Student Support and Programming,

“My name is Barry Yu. I am a Second Year management major student from Huron University. I am working at CW Alumni Association as VP Student Support and Programming, and am very excited to create more events to enrich everyone’s after-school life and find more friends.”

The Recruitment and Retention team members are the influencers. They are the ones to share their CultureWorks and university experience to prospective students, answer their questions, and help them make a better decision. 

Introduction from Annie Dai, VP Recruitment and Retention 

“Hi everyone, I’m Annie, 2nd year student in King’s University College at Western. I grew up in China, and currently live in London ON. I prefer being outdoors rather than staying inside, and I enjoy cycling or travelling. It’s nice to get to know everyone – looking forward to hanging out together one day.”

The Marketing and Communication team members are the storytellers. They are the ones to create articles and posters to share first-hand information and latest events, and drive the audience’s attention.

Introduction from Thea Zhao, VP Marketing and Communication

“Hello, everyone. My name is Zhao Xu Qinmeng. You can call me Thea. I’m a student at Carleton University, majoring in communication and media. I like watching movies and eating delicious food. Since March 2020, I have been taking language classes at CW for one year.“

The Finance team members are the recorders. They are the ones to manage the financial resources and record each penny. 

Introduction from Kino Jing, VP Finance

“Hey, it’s Kino. I graduated from King’s College at Western and studied psychology before. I am the VP Finance on the team, and provide financial services which includes budgeting and funding acquisition. I like to work and communicate with youngsters, and hope that I can become a catcher in the rye in the future.”

The team will be supported by Amy Lin who will act as the President for the upcoming year. 

“ Hi, I am Amy. I started my Canadian journey with CultureWorks at King’s back in 2012, then Brescia, and graduated from Ivey Business School at Western University in 2016. Though I only studied in CultureWorks for less than 2 months, I made the incredible friends that I still hang out with now. I hope CWAA will create a rapport and supportive environment for our students and connect our alumni together.” 

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