CultureWorks graduate Hanqi Wang among 2020 King’s University College Gold Medal Recipients

Hanqi Wang ’20 is the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies Honours Gold Medal Award recipient. Wang, from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China, will be attending the Master of Economics Program at the University of British Columbia.

Wang enjoyed sharing his experiences with first-year students while teaching at King’s Management, Economics, and Mathematics Help Centre. One of his favourite memories, however, took place at the 2020 School of Management, Economics and Mathematics (MEM) Gala when he and his friends chatted until midnight with Dr. Joseph Turnbull (Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Mathematics) about spies and threats related to spying.

“King’s School of MEM let me have the unique chance to study all management, economics, and mathematics in depth. As a management student who is passionate about economics, and also obsessed with mathematics, I got the exact training I wanted. The training not only helped me get offers from top graduate schools, but also gave me both the practical and theoretical intuition to tackle the same problem in businesses, which is undoubtedly beneficial for my graduate studies and future career,” says Wang.