CultureWorks students get Ready for King’s with some personalized help from their friends

CultureWorks students touring King's University College
CultureWorks students touring King’s University College

Hey there CultureWorks students, let’s get Ready for King’s.

And we have just the program to help!

On this day, it was Week 4 in an eight-week Ready for King’s module where CultureWorks teachers and staff work together with King’s University College staff in preparing CW students for what lies ahead.

The students will be attending King’s once they graduate from the ESL program at CultureWorks. The Ready for King’s module is designed to make that path easier once they make the move.

A helpful module for students completing English courses for King’s University College

On this day, they spent quality time doing workshops with King’s staff from The Write Place, a writing support centre, and Library Services on the university campus.

Next week, they will learn about what the King’s International Office has to offer. In the following weeks, they will spend time with Admission and Liason Officers and Learning Strategists.

Liz Johnson, CultureWorks Vice President Academic and Student Affairs, is enthusiastic about the new program and the collaborative partnership with King’s.

Liz Johnson, CultureWorks Vice President Academic and Student Affairs
Liz Johnson, CultureWorks Vice President Academic and Student Affairs

“It’s intended to develop CultureWorks students awareness about King’s – and all their services that they have to offer – as a means to support them in their transition and increase their excitement in the road ahead as they go on to King’s after CultureWorks,” Liz said.

Helping our students transition from ESL school to university

Liz said CultureWorks has organized library tours and a number of workshops in the past, but had never “put a series together” aimed at the Level 6 and 7 students at our ESL school.

Not until now.

“The students spend a number of levels with us and as they are getting closer to the end, I think it’s a bit of a bridging or a transition to our partner and I think it gets them excited for what’s coming ahead,” Liz said.

CultureWorks London Principal Derek Martin agrees.

“We are orienting them to King’s. We are plugging them into the community where they are going to be studying,” Derek said.

“There are cultural aspects that we bring into the curriculum, but this is also preparing them for learning specific to our different partners. This is King’s focus.”

On this day, Prof. Aaron Keeler and Prof. Patrick Morley led workshops on writing and Linda Whidden did the same on library services.

The students were more than happy to be included in this new program.

“I think it helps a lot because I am going to King’s this September, so this program can help me to learn something about the academic program, so that I can adapt to a new university life as quickly as possible,” Maozheng (Corey) Li, a Level 6 CultureWorks student, said.

“For example today, I am learning writing. I don’t think I am really good at writing, so it helps me a lot. If I have any questions when I am studying at King’s, I can go to (The Write Place) and ask the teachers questions to help me work on essays.”

Huiyi (Stephanie) Qi, a Level 7 CW student, said she appreciates the Ready for King’s module.

“I think it is great because the Canadian education is very different from the Chinese education, so I know what I should do in the university, especially about the writing because my friend – she is at King’s also – told me it’s very difficult for the writing and writing essays,” Stephanie said.

“So I think it’s very helpful because if in the future when I go to university, if I have problems in the essay, I know where I should go and who I ask to help me.”

A model that could soon be replicated with other partners

Liz Johnson said CultureWorks and King’s University College have now provided a “roadmap” for the eight-week program.

“We’ve given them their ESL and prepared them for that first year, now they need to go and be first-year, second-year, third-year successful students by accessing those resources at King’s.

If this is successful at King’s – and all signs are heading in that direction – Liz said they could “replicate the model” at different university campuses.

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