Customize Your ESL Education with CultureWorks Electives

elective courses in the ESL program
CultureWorks students practise specialized English vocabulary for their degree

Effective ESL education is about much more than teaching students basic conversation and grammar skills.

In order to prepare for your university degree program, you will need to learn special vocabulary that applies specifically to your area of study. Think about it. The words you use for ordering food at a restaurant or chatting with friends will be quite different from the terminology you will encounter in your business or engineering class!

That’s why CultureWorks offers electives (specialized courses) ESL students can take to better prepare for university assignments, research, and presentations.

How exactly do CultureWorks electives help you make a smoother transition to university? Read on to find out!

Build ESL Skills for your Engineering and Technology Degree

Many students taking ESL for university of Ontario have received conditional acceptance into one of the many excellent engineering and science programs that UOIT offers. These students might be looking forward to studying biological science, electrical engineering, or information technology, and want to develop the vocabulary they’ll use in their university courses.

esl for university of Ontario
CultureWorks teachers work one-on-one with students to ensure they understand key concepts

To help them prepare them for university, CultureWorks offers the engineering and technology elective. Each unit of the engineering and technology elective explores a fascinating topic, and helps students build a specialized vocabulary through a variety of engaging class activities.

You will learn more about a subject you are passionate about while building the English language skills needed to keep up and do well in your future degree program.

Business Electives Prepare ESL Students for University Assignments

English terms like “equity”, “leverage”, and “derivatives” probably won’t come up while you’re ordering coffee at Starbucks or hanging out with your friends! But, they will definitely come up in your Business courses at university.

Business elective courses in the ESL program prepare students for assignments they will complete at the university level. You will read and analyze case studies, become familiar with business theory and of course, develop the vocabulary you’ll need to communicate your ideas in class and on exams.

CultureWorks Offers a Variety of Electives for ESL Students

Of course, CultureWorks doesn’t just offer electives in business and engineering. As a leading ESL program in Canada, CultureWorks provides many different electives, including courses in pronunciation and conversation, Canadian cultural studies, and International English Language Testing System preparation.

elective courses in the ESL program
In the pronunciation and communication elective, CultureWorks students learn about different consonant and vowel sounds.

Students can even practise their speaking and listening skills in The Daily Boomalang, where English fluency is improved through a discussion of news and current events.

Whatever your interests are, CultureWorks can help you build the specialized English language skills you’ll need to succeed at university!

Are you interested in enrolling in a Canadian university as an ESL student? Why not visit our website and see how CultureWorks can help you achieve your goals.