Digital English programs open up new pathways – take Year 1 University online

Learn academic English remotely through UFirst online English courses. CultureWorks partners with many universities and colleges, now offering fully online Y1 programs.

Flexible education pathways – online and on campus
Through our innovative UFirst digital program, CultureWorks partners with many universities now offering online courses to offer students a fully digital Year 1 pathway. Students take 100% of their first year courses remotely, and later enter Year 2 face to face on campus, so they can enjoy the campus experience when they are ready. 

Our flexible program means students can go back and forth between online and on-campus learning to earn their program credits. Study the way you want, when you want.

An award-winning program with academic integrity 
CultureWorks’ award-winning programs help students learn academic English to meet university standards and provide a pathway to pursue their degree and career dreams. Our multi-level EAP program is certified by Languages Canada, and meets the English language admission requirements for our partner universities and colleges.

UFirst was the first Senate-approved digital EAP program in Canada, designed to be delivered online. The CultureWorks program is approved by Western University Senate and other partners.

An English language program designed by educators
At CultureWorks, our fully accredited teachers and e-learning specialists have been researching, developing, and teaching our online English classes for more than six years. We have refined a number of key design principles to provide students with the best online learning experience possible. Every aspect of UFirst has been carefully planned and implemented with the student in mind to maximize their time and effort.

On-campus learning at Brescia University College

Students learn face-to-face in real time
With UFirst’s engaging online platform, students meet face-to-face in real-time (synchronous learning) with a qualified EAP instructor each week during live classes. 

Students also gain access to all course content 24/7 through our online Learning Management System (asynchronous learning). There, they can continue to engage with teachers and classmates, work through lessons and readings, and take quizzes for immediate feedback on their progress.

High impact 8-week learning tracks
Our multi-level ESL program runs in 8-week learning tracks, offered at six different times throughout the year. You get the flexibility you need to progress smoothly in your program. 

Full time program:

  • 8 weeks in length
  • 20 hours face to face in real time (synchronous)
  • Approximately 8 hours asynchronous

EAP start dates – 8 week program

Jan 6Jan 5
Mar 2Mar 1
May 4May 3
June 29June 28
Sept 8Sept 7
Nov 2Nov 1

Caring teachers who put your success first
Our fully accredited instructors help you develop your academic language skills through our award-winning EAP program. Most importantly, they truly care about you. Our teachers work with you, to monitor your progress, build your confidence and prepare you for academic success.

  • Grammar: A focus on applying grammar rules
  • Vocabulary: A focus on academic vocabulary throughout
  • Reading: Based on topics of interest related to oneoverarching level theme
  • Writing: Writing tasks to prepare you forcollege/university study
  • Listening: Based on topics of interest related to oneoverarching level theme
  • Speaking: Significant focus on communication andengaging with your teachers and peers

Integrated Language Learning
What makes the CultureWorks EAP program so powerful is our integrated approach to language learning. Courses focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening and instead of separate subjects, content is interrelated to make it easy to learn and easy to retain. 

Multimodal Learning Strategies
UFirst takes full advantage of the power of online learning by offering a variety of audiovisual materials including captivating video lessons, teaching aids, practice activities, and other course content. To ensure students are engaged, each lesson is designed to be brief and high-impact, allowing students to concentrate on necessary skills and switch tasks as needed.

Find Your Level

Online Test
(no band <4.5)
(no band <5.0)
(no band <6.0)
(no band <50)
Note: This chart provides potential CultureWorks students with a provisional CultureWorks English level placement. Level placement will be made official following the first week of class. Official standardized test scores only. Considered valid within 6 months of the test date. Students without an official test score will be required to take a CultureWorks’ intake test prior to the start of the term to determine level placement. 
* The Oxford Online Test is not an official standardized test. It may be followed by further CultureWorks testing to determine level.
**Students with a CEFR score of B1 or B2 on the placement test will be put into Level 3 or Level 5, respectively. During the first week of school, the teachers will check their work to see if they have the skills to move up to Level 4 or Level 6, respectively.