English Usage

If you want to learn English, you must use English. The more you use it, the more you learn it.

CultureWorks strives to create an inclusive environment. English is the language that all students share. Using English includes everyone. Using other languages can exclude some people.


Course Policy

  1. Lateness is counted as an absence.
  2. You are expected to attend all classes. At every 15 absences, you will be notified by the Principal, and the Registrar will inform your sponsor of the attendance issue (if applicable).
  3. CultureWorks strongly discourages used textbooks in our classes. We believe that the best learning experience comes from doing exercises in the books yourself; learning from your own mistakes is a faster way to learn than having books with answers written in them.
  4. Teachers will not teach from old editions of textbooks, so you must have the newest edition to follow the lessons and maximize your learning. Please make sure to follow the current booklists carefully.

Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty is important at both CultureWorks and any Canadian post-secondary institution. We want you to have the best possible learning experience and gain a deep understanding of the norms and values of Canadian academic culture.

What is Academic Honesty?

Academic Honesty is when the work that you do at CultureWorks is your own and you have referenced all of the sources you have used.

Academic honesty does not mean that students cannot work with classmates or look for information on the internet or in a book. Group work is a part of Canadian academic culture, and questions are important to your learning. If you need help, it is important to find the information. However, make sure you understand that what you are giving your teachers needs to be your own work.

What is Academic Dishonesty?

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