Enrolled in ESL school in Canada? Here’s why you definitely want to visit a sugar shack this spring

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There’s more than one reason to be happy at the end of winter. When the days get warm but the nights are still cold, maple trees start producing a lot of sap. Collect enough sap and boil it for a while and you get delicious maple syrup!

In Ontario and Quebec especially, but also across the rest of Canada, “sugar shacks” are some of the best places to go at this time of year. And not just because they’re the places where maple goodies are made!

If you pick the right ESL school, you’ll get to enjoy a springtime trip to a sugar shack yourself. Here are some of the reasons why this is so exciting.

There are delicious treats to enjoy at a sugar shack

The biggest reason to go to a sugar shack is that there is so much delicious food to enjoy. There might be pancakes, sausages, eggs, baked beans, and many other kinds of traditional foods offered. There is also maple syrup, of course, which many visitors to sugar shacks pour over almost everything on their plate. It’s delicious!

The most delicious food served at sugar shacks, though, is maple taffy. This taffy is made of maple syrup that’s been cooked a little longer, and then poured over snow. The result is chewy, sugary, and very delicious. It’s something you definitely want to try if you do an intensive ESL program in Canada.

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Eating maple taffy is one of the best parts of going to a sugar shack

Sugar shacks often have petting zoos to visit, too!

Sugar shacks tend to be found in rural areas, which is why many owners have farm animals and even a little petting zoo. This means that when you visit a sugar shack, you might be able to see goats, horses, cows, or other animals.

Even better, there are some sugar shacks that offer rides in carriages pulled by horses. This is a great, authentic bit of Canadian culture that you don’t want to miss!

ESL school in Canada
A ride in a horse-drawn carriage is a fun activity students can enjoy at many sugar shacks

Going to a sugar shack is a Canadian tradition with a long history

Making maple syrup and maple sugar is a tradition first started by First Nations peoples long before European settlers ever arrived to Canada. When settlers did arrive, they adopted the art of boiling sap for syrup and sugar themselves.

Because of this, maple syrup is more than just a tasty treat. It’s a food with a long history and real importance in Canadian culture. By going to a sugar shack while at ESL school in Canada, you can get a little taste of this culture for yourself.

ESL school in Canada
Going to a sugar shack can help you learn about the important history of maple syrup in Canada

Going to a sugar shack is a great way to celebrate spring’s arrival

Canadian winters are long, cold, and snowy. It will probably still be a little chilly by the time you go to a sugar shack, and there will probably be snow on the ground, but the weather should still be much nicer.

A trip to a sugar shack can be a great way to celebrate the warmer weather outside, and spend some time outdoors. There might be a walking path in the nearby woods, or other activities that allow you to enjoy the fresh air. It’s a wonderful way to get ready for the lovely spring weather that you’ve probably been looking forward to for weeks!

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Don’t be fooled by the snow! Sugar shack season is usually a nice first taste of spring

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