Fall 2013 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to our Fall 2013 Scholarship winners at CultureWorks!

In Ottawa:

Level A winner is Maryam Alameer

Level B winner is Walid Alatresh

Level C winner is Vanessa Milena Alves de Sousa

Level D winner is Bruna Zilli

In Oshawa:

Level A: Gilberto Coutinho Machado Filho

Level B: Jaqueline Cremonini

Level C: Roman Halkiewicz

Level D: (tie) Luis Priester and Paula De Camargo Fiorini

In London:

Level A: Marwa Dawaga

Level B: You Han

Level C: Li Mengyao

Level D: Bernardo Costa Bastos De Oliveira

We know your hard work and determination will help you succeed into the future!  Well done!