Tuition – effective for applications received on or after April 01, 2019$3,765.00 CAD per term
Application Fee*$200 non-refundable application fee will be charged for university/college pathway undergraduate and graduate applications (effective January 1, 2021).
Note: Huron University College applications will be charged a $250 non-refundable application fee. Durham College applications will be charged a $300 non-refundable application fee.
$100 non-refundable testing fee will be charged (effective January 1, 2021) to ESL Only students who need to be tested by CultureWorks to determine their starting level.
Homestay / Roomstay$32.00 per day / $21.00 CAD per day
Accommodation Placement Fee$250.00 CAD (non-refundable)
Medical Insurance$125.00 CAD per term (non-refundable)
Airport Pick-Up$115.00 CAD
Textbooks$150.00 CAD per term
*The application fee does not apply to Preliminary Year Program applications.

Deposits and On-Campus Academic Pathway Tuition Payments

A tuition deposit of $1,200.00 CAD is required when we receive your university or college letter of conditional acceptance. We will notify you by email providing instructions for payment of deposit and once we have received your deposit we will send you your letter of conditional acceptance.

The tuition cost for the On-Campus Academic Pathway is $3,765.00 CAD per term. You will be issued a pre-arrival invoice consisting of two terms of tuition as well as for health insurance coverage, unless proof of existing coverage is provided to us. Full payment of your pre-arrival invoice is required two weeks before the beginning of school.

Once you have started your studies and your level has been confirmed, you will be invoiced the full balance for all remaining terms of study. Payment of this invoice will be due before the end of week 5 of the term.

How to Pay


PayMyTuition is CultureWorks’ preferred payment method for deposits and tuition payments made from outside of Canada.With PayMyTuition, students can pay their tuition form any bank, in any country, in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. Click here for more information.

Other Payment Options

Direct Wire transfer information:

CultureWorks ESL Inc.
266 Epworth Avenue
London, Ontario
Canada N6A 2M3

Royal Bank of Canada
383 Richmond Street
London, Ontario
Canada N6A 3C4
Institution number: 0003
Transit number: 02722
Account number: 1129501
Swift code: ROYCCAT2

Online deposit information:

This is available through your personal online Canadian banking account. Please include your student number and location where you are attending school (London or Ottawa)

Refund Policy

Incoming Students

All deposits shall be held on behalf of applicants for a period of 12 months. If after 12 months we have not received confirmation of enrolment or application for a refund of the deposit from either the Applicant or his/her agent, then said deposit shall be applied in payment for all services and work completed by CultureWorks and deemed fully earned at that time.

In the event that a deposit has been applied in payment to CultureWorks in accordance with the sub-paragraph above and the same Applicant subsequently submits a further application to CultureWorks within 2 years of the date when the deposit was applied in payment of the work set out in the above paragraph, then CultureWorks agrees to apply said deposit to the subsequent Application and a refund will no longer be available. Deposit refunds cannot be transferred to another student.

To request a refund, please contact the Registrar. There will be a $500.00 CAD non-refundable administrative fee deducted from the refund. If a Visa request has been refused, the non-refundable administrative fee will be reduced to $200.00 CAD and deducted from the refund – proof of Visa refusal required.

Current Students

If you choose to leave the program, written notice must be given to the Registrar (may send via email) by Friday of Week 1 at 4:00pm. You will receive the remainder of your monies paid (by cheque), less a $500.00 CAD administrative fee. If you decide to leave the program after this, you will not receive a refund for that term.

Refunds may also be subject to fees incurred when submitting through intermediary agencies such as bank or credit card company fees.


Our London and Ottawa university partners automatically award entrance scholarships based on your final secondary school average. Approximately 80% of CultureWorks students receive entrance scholarships for their first year at university. No application is required for these scholarships.

CultureWorks gives 10% of its net profits to international student scholarships and bursaries each year, including the CultureWorks International Student Award. This award must be applied for through your university or college.