Four must-try winter activities for anyone at English-as-a-second-language school in Canada

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Winter in Canada is a very special time. Temperatures get cold, the ground becomes covered in snow, and Canadians get to enjoy their favourite winter activities. There are many fun things to try in the winter that you can’t do at any other time of year, such as making a snowman or having a snowball fight. If you’re not used to winters like the ones in Canada, you should make sure to try these and many other unforgettable activities while at ESL school.

Curious about which winter activities you should try? Here are some that Canadians look forward to each year!

Have a snowball fight when you study English in Canada

One winter activity Canadians love to do is have a snowball fight. It involves taking a handful of snow, making it into the shape of a ball, and throwing it at friends nearby. Sometimes you might start a snowball fight by surprising a friend, but most of the time it’s a good idea to ask first if they want to participate.

You might want to have a snowball fight with just one or two friends at ESL school, or you could see if many more of your classmates would be interested too. In fact, the largest snowball fight in the world had as many as 8,200 people participating!

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Snowball fights are a great way to have fun in Canada during the winter

Make a snowman with classmates while at ESL school

No winter is complete without making a snowman, so you’ll definitely want to try this activity while you study English in Canada! Making a snowman is a lot of fun—especially when it’s time to decorate it. Give it eyes, a carrot for a nose, and whatever other features you like. You can be as creative and silly as you want when decorating your snowman. In fact, the sillier, the better! To make it even more fun, invite friends from your intensive English program to make a snowman with you. The results can be great!

In Canada, wintertime is sledding time

A big hill covered in snow is the perfect place to go sledding. There are many kinds of sleds you can use. Some are simple plastic discs or sheets, while others can be more elaborate. The most traditional type of sled is called a toboggan. This type of sled was invented by First Nations peoples, and is usually long and made of wood. Try one of these for a double dose of Canadian winter culture!

Try going for a walk in snowshoes during your intensive English program

During the winter, snow can become very deep. In fact, it can sometimes become so deep that if you step into a big pile of it, your foot will sink very far down. This can make it difficult to walk. Put snowshoes on first, though, and you can walk right on top of deep piles of snow. This is called snowshoeing, and is a fun winter activity for everyone to enjoy!

Like the toboggan, snowshoes were also invented by First Nations peoples and used to move around during the cold winter months. It’s a very cool experience to go for a walk in the woods in places where you would normally sink up to your knees in snow. Find some time to try snowshoeing if you want to explore snow-covered forests and other beautiful winter landscapes when you study English in Canada!

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Walking in snowshoes is a fun Canadian wintertime experience you can try

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