Four reasons to blog about your ESL school experience

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For students at ESL school, class trips, fun activities, and meeting new friends is all part of the experience. You might get to try sledding during the winter, visiting a traditional sugar shack during the spring, or many other fun activities. These activities can help you practise your English and help you remember new lessons.

In addition, sharing your experiences online can also be a fun way to practise writing in English. Writing a blog can allow you to share your thoughts and feelings. In addition, all the activities you’ll participate in will give you exciting topics to write about. Here are some of the benefits of blogging during your studies.

1. It lets you practise vocabulary learned at ESL school

Blogging is a fun way to practise new vocabulary you learn at English as a second language school. Learning new vocabulary takes time, which is why writing about it can be an excellent way to speed up your studies. Writing a new vocabulary word helps you remember how it is spelled, as well as how it is used in a sentence. In addition, when writing, you may also come across new words. This allows you to expand your vocabulary even faster.

2. Blogging creates a good opportunity for feedback

Learning from mistakes is an essential part of language studies. That’s why instructors at top ESL schools encourage students to ask questions. They’re always ready to provide friendly guidance and feedback!

If you want to get even more feedback on your writing, blogging can be an excellent idea. Blogging provides an opportunity to receive tips on how your writing can be improved. Other bloggers can comment on your blog posts, and offer helpful tips and tricks that they found helpful when learning English.

3. Blogging allows you to offer advice

Your thoughts about studying at ESL school could also inspire other students. As you complete your studies, you’ll gain insight that others might find very useful. You could offer tips on how to enjoy winter in Canada, or share your favourite local coffee shops. You might even share tips on how you overcame homesickness, or tackled other challenges during your studies.

Helping others by sharing your experiences can feel very rewarding. You might even inspire others to study abroad like they’ve always wanted, or develop the self-confidence to speak up in class!

4. Blogging boosts creativity

Part of what makes writing a blog so much fun is that you can choose to write about any topic you like. Want to write about a wonderful new friend you met? Or about the first time you tried poutine? Your blog can be as imaginative or funny as you want, which is a wonderful way for you practice another very important skill: creativity.

All the activities offered at ESL school will give you lots of things to write about
All the activities offered at ESL school will give you lots of things to write about

Creativity is an important skill for many aspiring professionals. Whether you want to study business at university or one day become an engineer, creativity will help you stand out and think of wonderful new ideas. By getting creative during your ESL studies, you can practise this important skill at the same time as you practise your English. It’s a wonderful way to prepare for university and beyond!

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