We encourage all international students to continue to keep up to date on Canadian immigration processes and procedures.  Information on travel restrictions and exemptions; COVID-19 considerations for study permit processing, student work and Post-Graduation Work Permits can be found here:

Recent news from IRCC can be found here:

The information provided here is not legal advice. It is intended for general information only.  Only your authorized representative or you can determine whether this information is correct for your specific situation.  No action should be undertaken without formal legal advice.  While we will do our best to update this information in a timely manner, CultureWorks is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

If you require a new passport, your embassy is closed, or the processing time is very long:

You should apply for your study permit or work permit on time, even if you don’t have a new passport. Include your old passport and proof that you have applied for a new passport or else a letter of explanation about why you cannot apply for a new passport right now. The letter of explanation can go on the line for “Client Information”. You can add your new passport to your application later using this form:

If you are in Canada and your study permit is about to expire:

You should continue to comply with study permit conditions found here:

You must apply for a new study permit before the expiry date on your current permit. 

If you are outside of Canada and your study permit is about to expire:

You don’t need a study permit to take courses offered remotely if you are not in Canada.

You will need a valid study permit (or approval letter) and Temporary Resident Visa (or ETA) to return to Canada.

You can apply here:

indicating that your country of residence is your home country. You should provide a Certificate of Enrolment and transcript to show that you are a continuing student.  Please contact for assistance.  

If you submitted an application and are waiting for IRCC’s decision:  

If you submitted a study permit renewal application before the expiry date on your old permit, you may continue to study and work as usual, even if your current permit expires while you are waiting. Your Social Insurance Number remains valid.

If you received a biometrics instruction letter but the biometrics collection office is closed in your area:

As of July 15, 2020, IRCC has announced an exemption to the requirement to give biometrics for temporary resident applications made within Canada.

This includes study permits, work permits, visitor records and temporary resident visas. IRCC can now finalize your application without your biometrics and you will automatically receive a refund of the $85 fee.

If you have a question that is not answered here:

We are here to help you.  Please email our Student Services Director Liz at or our Director of Domestic Programs Derek at