Is Speeling Importent?

A man goes on vacation.  He send this email to his wife:

“I’m having the best time of my life.  I wish you were her.”

Ok, I will keep this week’s blog brief.  Or is it breef?  Beef?  Oh man….

English teachers get this question all the time: “Do we really need to learn how to spell?”  With the predictive spelling technology on our devices, and spelling and grammar checks on Microsoft Word, I can understand why an ESL student would ask this question

But let me be clear here.  Spelling is VERY important, and if anyone learning your native language asked you the same question, I bet you would say the same thing.  Of course, we all make mistakes:

Why is spelling important?

1.  Computers cannot catch all the mistakes.  A journalist friend of mine admits he makes 7-12 simple spelling mistakes per article, on average.  That is after he has corrected his work!  Every journalist needs to have their articles reviewed twice before publication.

2.  As a result, your spelling mistakes can change the meaning of your writing.  You are writing things to be understood, right?

3.  Your ability to spell is connected to your ability to read.  If you have difficulty spelling, you’ll have difficulty reading, and reading is one of the most important skills to have in any language.

4.  When you apply for a job, and there is a spelling mistake on your cover letter or resume, you are immediately considered less professional, responsible, and capable than the other applicants.  You may not get the job.

5.  Bad spelling looks bad.  It’s like walking around with ketchup on your face.

With the recent flood of texting and tweeting, a lot of spelling mistakes have become forgivable.  After all, people are writing while they’re in line at the movies, on the train while listening to music, or even in class…yes, we know you do it!   The difference is that essays and presentations are formal and require attention to detail.  It is simply negligent, or lazy, to ignore the rules of language in the academic context.

So yes, practice your spelling.  In addition to your teachers’ guidance, here are some links  to help you out with common English spelling mistakes.  There are some ads on this site, but it explains some commonly difficult words to spell.  This site has a huge bank of difficult words and a quiz section to help you practice them.

Buy! er…By!…um…Bye! LOL. 🙂