On your first day, you will complete a placement test to determine your starting level in the program. Graduate studies applicants need to write a placement test when applying.

You must have some basic English knowledge to begin our program – we do not offer a course for students with no English language skills.

CultureWorks has seven levels and each level takes 8 weeks to complete. Students will study 28 hours per week with 27 class hours plus one academic support hour with their Academic Advisor. Students must achieve an average of 75% to pass each level. Students will graduate from CultureWorks when they successfully complete the highest level, Level 7.

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Level  Hours Term Length Time to Graduate
1 28/per week 8 Weeks 56 Weeks
2 28/per week 8 Weeks 48 Weeks
3 28/per week 8 Weeks 40 Weeks
4 28/per week 8 Weeks 32 Weeks
5 28/per week 8 Weeks 24 Weeks
6 28/per week 8 Weeks 16 Weeks
7 28/per week 8 Weeks 8 Weeks