‘Live and Let Live’ ~ CultureWorks Ottawa Teacher, Jason Mercier

jasonThis week I’m pleased to have Jason Mercier on the Hotspot.  Jason is a teacher on our Ottawa campus, and has a lot to say about…well, read and you’ll find out!

1. What’s your favourite Canadian TV show?

Hockey Night in Canada! Clearly!


2. What idiomatic expression best describes you and why?

Hmmmm. I always liked the expression, “Live and let live”. It’s simple, to the point, has a good message and it works in any situation. Words to live by I suppose.

3. When you’re not teaching, what are you doing? Do have any hobbies and why do you like doing them?

Well, when it comes to sports, I play baseball in the summer, hockey in the winter, and occasionally squash in between. You have to keep active.

In terms of hobbies, I have a few. I like to play guitar, because obviously, it’s awesome.

I love to read. There’s an old saying: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Also, I’m a huge movie and TV buff. I binge, binge, binge. Documentaries, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones…Love em!


Finally, I love to travel. Any chance to see something new, meet new people, take some photos, and have new experiences is a must for me. I’m always on the move for a new adventure.

4. You studied and English and History before becoming a teacher, so it’s safe to say you enjoy culture. What advice do you have for CultureWorks students who want to get involved in Canadian culture?

I know how hard it is to be in a new surrounding and not having the comfort of your friends and family with you. It can be tough. I can relate. I remember living in South Korea and having some pretty crummy days. But it wasn’t until I met and started hanging out with local Koreans that I soon realized how great it was living in a new country. Then I started to take chances and try new things I NEVER thought I’d do and love doing them. I know its tempting and easy to just simply socialize with people of your own culture, but don’t limit yourself. When you socialize with others, you see the world through their eyes. It makes you more aware of how much bigger and better the world is. You grow as a person, and you’re just happier. Long answer, I know but if I can sum up in a sentence: “Move out of your comfort zone…you can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward.” Hope it helps!

hockey night in cultureworks

5. Lastly, for fun, if you could be a mascot for any of the Canadian hockey teams, which one would you choose and why?

It would have to be ‘Carlton the Bear’ for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Go Leafs!