New Gateway ESL program allows students to have control, make choices.


And when it comes to university, college, high school or a better career, this is your Gateway

Yes, it is true.

International students can now create their own schedule, work their own hours and ultimately create a path that works best for them.

And we also now have a smashing new video to walk and talk you to the promised land.

relevant and engaging ESL programIf a picture is worth a thousand words, one wonders how many a two-minute, 32-second video might garner us.

We are about to find out as CultureWorks releases a video about the new Gateway program.

A ground-breaking ESL program that allows students to learn English anywhere

As the video says:

“Introducing Gateway by CultureWorks, an innovative new way to study Academic English from the comfort of your home country.”

Innovative, yes; creative, no question; ground-breaking, absolutely.

English as a second language programThis English as a second language program, as the video helps to point out, is for:

    • Those wishing to study language online before leaving home, and go directly to their college (L5), or university (and finish language training there).
    • High school students in Canada whose language training needs are not met by the provincial English curriculum (DO, EO, 3U and 4U), or who wish to avoid writing a test of English proficiency (required for those studying less than three years in a Canadian curriculum except B.C. or Ontario).
    • The online Gateway program is hosted on the Canvas platform, and employs WebEx for the face-to-face portion.
    • Anyone wishing to improve his or her English.

    Using technology to revolutionize English as a second language education

    CultureWorks founder and president Tina Bax said technology is helping teachers deliver a more relevant and engaging ESL program.

    Do you want to learn English as a second language online“It is the most exciting time to be a teacher in the past 300 years,” Tina said.

    Tina said CultureWorks is looking to offer a top-quality language program to students who could not have accessed in the past due to financial, political, or technological barriers.

    “Technology allows us to do this!”

    Do you want to learn English as a second language online?

    Find out how to get started with CultureWorks!