Nothing like Summer in the City when it comes to the seasonal ESL programs offered by CultureWorks



CultureWorks Student Services Co-Ordinator Liz Macedo (bottom right) leads the students on a nature hike where a downpour became part of the excursion in the middle of the forest.

The time has come for CultureWorks to roll out its many summer school activities.

And while we’re at it, let’s introduce the London, Ont.-based CultureWorks Student Services Co-ordinator Liz Macedo.

How, exactly, does Paragraph 1 tie in with Paragraph 2.

Well, to begin with, Liz is one of busiest persons on the Western University campus at this time of the year as she helps to make certain the students will enjoy their time in the Forest City.

Our ESL school’s summer programs have a lot to offer

Now, what would the degree of difficulty be when it comes to pitching Canadian communities?

“It’s Canada, it’s beautiful, right?” Liz said, suggesting the show-and-tell aspect of the summer programs is, in many ways, the easy part.


Canada’s natural beauty makes it a top choice among ESL students

Liz said she recalls taking a group of Mexican students to downtown London for a scavenger hunt.

“They got off the bus. It was at Victoria Park, but they were like ‘this is so beautiful.’ We really take it for granted.”

What Liz does not take for granted is her role in making certain the summer programs go smoothly. Her duties include such things as budgets, planning activities and slotting in the times for morning English classes.

She also co-ordinates housing, leadership, school and agent clients and all external stakeholders.

Summer ESL programs currently scheduled

As of this writing, there are two CultureWorks summer programs scheduled for London, Ont. And two others in Toronto.

The first one is the Summer ESL + Career Exploration, a three-week ESL program scheduled for June 24 to July 15 with students aged 15 to 17.

And it will be different than past camps.

“Typically, we just do summer camps, so English and then fun activities. This one is English and fun activities, but we are also utilizing our university partners,” Liz said.

Students have many fun activities to look forward to, such as bowling!

That means various stops with Western University, Brescia University College and King’s University College facilities during the three weeks, including business, engineering, health sciences, visual arts and social sciences.

“So the idea is to give the students a real university feel, while they are in Canada, but then they also do fun weekend activities that aren’t career related,” Liz said.

They also have the opportunity to explore possible career and post-secondary opportunities for their future.

The second camp will be July 23-30 with a much younger group, the ages 12 to 14. That camp is called the ESL + Summer Experience Program.

English training will be in the morning and various other activities the remainder of the day.

Students enjoy an afternoon of rock climbing—just one of the many activities available!

These summer programs wouldn’t be possible without Liz Macedo’s hard work and dedication

All the camp work is in addition to her duties with the full-time CultureWorks ESL students.

CultureWorks Principal Derek Martin appreciates the effort Liz puts into her daily duties, particularly in the busy summer season.

It takes a lot of effort to plan our summer programs

“She’s talked about being more stressed in the summer,” Derek said with a laugh.

“She has been a vital part of the team. I don’t know what I would do without her. In many ways, I come to her for all kinds of things that aren’t necessarily really part of her job description either. She knows that, too. She is kind of like my right arm.”

Liz has been with our ESL school for 10 years and she enjoys the interaction with the students.

“Some groups you really form a bond with them… some kids are just naturally involved with everything and you get to know them.

“I miss them, but a lot come back and visit.”

Ah yes, Summer in the City.

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