Pre-MBA Program

MBA Pathway Program at UNBC

The MBA Pathway Program for international students is your starting point toward earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Canada at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). This program prepares students with the English language and introductory business-course requirements to complete their MBA at UNBC. It provides students with essential knowledge to succeed on their path to an MBA degree.

Admission Requirement for Pre-MBA Program:
• 4 year bachelor in any field
• GPA 3.0 (B: 73-76.9%) minimum
• Working experience not required
• GMAT not required
• English language requirements: Minimum 5.0 IELTS (see ‘Foundations of English Language’ chart below for details)

Upon completing the MBA Pathway Program, you will be eligible to begin UNBC’s MBA program. The MBA is a multi-disciplinary program that helps you build the knowledge and practical skills that are pivotal to being a successful leader in today’s business world. Our diverse curriculum and applied-learning model prepare you for a career in senior management and provide you with the expertise to grow your company and respond to modern business challenges.

With the MBA from UNBC, you will…
• Develop foundational skills that any business leader or manager must have to be successful.
• Learn and apply the tools and methods to tackle challenges faced by business executives.
• Gain the expertise and credentials to advance your professional growth and increase your career potential.


May 4, 2021Applications open ($300 CAD non-refundable application fee required)
July 9, 2021Applications close
*September, 2021 – April, 2022 (online)Students will complete ‘Foundations of English Language’ Courses
*Start date will be determined by current English language score (see ‘Foundations of English Language’ chart below for details)
20 hours per week + homework
May – June, 2022 (online)UNBC Pre-MBA Courses
Comm 100: Introduction to Canadian Business
Comm 210: Financial Accounting
Comm 200: Business Communication
August, 2022MBA begins at Prince George, B.C. Canada
April, 2024MBA completion and convocation

Foundations of English Language – find your level:

LevelIELTSStart dateEnd date
(no band <4.5)
September 3, 2021April 22, 2022
(no band <5.0)
October 29, 2021April 22, 2022
66.0January 3, 2022April 22, 2022
(no band <6.0)
February 25, 2022April 22, 2022
All students must successfully complete Level 7 of the ‘Foundations of English Language’ program in order to continue on to the pre-MBA courses.

Finances & Living

Pre-MBA Pathway
Approximate Costs

IELTS scoreNumber of
English levels required
Cost of English Language ProgramCost of Pre-MBA coursesTotal English
language/Pre-MBA Pathway fees
5.04$15,060 CAD$7,600 CAD$22,660 CAD
5.53$11,295 CAD$7,600 CAD$18,895 CAD
6.02$7,530 CAD$7,600 CAD$15,130 CAD
6.0 (no band <6.0)1$3,765 CAD$7,600 CAD$11,365 CAD
*Balance due August 16, 2021

UNBC Master of Business Administration

MBA Tuition (5 semesters)$8,489 CAD (per semester) plus MBA fee $455 CAD (per semester)
Student Fees $375 CAD (per semester)
Balance DueSeptember 1, 2022 (then beginning of each semester thereafter)

Cost of Living per MBA Academic Year

On-campus living expense ($250 damage deposit and parking not included)$6,406 CAD
On-campus 7-day meal plan$7,986 CAD
Off-campus housing (approximate)*$12,000 CAD
* Off-campus living expenses do not include cost of food/meal plans

Please be advised that tuition fees are subject to change. Additional student fees such as cost of books are not included. All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).