Preliminary Year Program

The Preliminary Year Program is a completely customizable program for students, with options based on your unique educational needs. The Preliminary Year Program offers students the opportunity to meet their English and academic admission requirements at the same time.

The Preliminary Year Program is a co-educational pre-university qualifying year that:

  • Provides an opportunity to complete first-year university admission requirements
  • Follows the university calendar, with classes beginning in September and ending in April
  • Helps young women and men acclimate to campus life, university courses, and lectures
  • Is taught by qualified and experienced instructors on the Brescia campus
  • Focuses on skills required to be successful in university, including
    • time management
    • study/examination skills
    • reading, writing, and research skills
    • experience participating in class discussions and seminars

There are four study options in the PYP Program. How do I know which option is best for me?
When you submit an application to the Preliminary Year Program, our Admissions Team will evaluate your educational history and documents to determine which option is best for you. The PYP is completely customizable and can fit any student’s educational goals.

Admission Requirements

Ontario High School

Minimum of 24 credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). A minimum average of 70% in an academic program oriented toward university studies, with most courses at the advanced level of difficulty, is required for admission consideration.

Outside of Ontario

Eligibility assessed on evaluation of academic records. Some examples of requirements include:

  • General Certificate of Education/CXC Certificate
  • General Certificate of Education (GCE)/General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) with passes in at least five academic subjects at the “O” level (Grade C or higher). These subjects must include English. One of mathematics, science, or a language other than English is recommended.
  • The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Certificate, Grades One-Three (effective 1998) at General Proficiency, will be accepted. Conditional admission is granted to students whose predicted or mock results represent Grades One-Three.

U.S. High School

Grade 11 with “B” standing in three academic subjects. Applicants should rank in the upper half of their class. Grade 12 students with a “C” standing in three of the four Grade 12 academic subjects. For further information, please contact the Admissions Office at

Financial Aid

Brescia is pleased to offer two Ursuline Scholars Preliminary Year Awards valued at $1,750 each. To qualify, the recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time student in Brescia’s Preliminary Year program
  • Demonstrated involvement in extra-curricular activities

What Happens After the Preliminary Year?

Students can begin their university studies confident of their academic competence. With a minimum overall average of 65% (and where applicable, with required prerequisites) female students are eligible for admission to first-year Arts and Social Sciences programs at Brescia University College. Preliminary Year students may gain admission to Western University or its other affiliates (Huron University College and King’s University College), or to other post-secondary institutions throughout Ontario and elsewhere.