Programs You Can Study After Finishing Your English Courses for Brescia University College

Learn about the many interesting programs you can study after finishing English courses for Brescia University College, Canada’s only women’s university

By choosing to study at a university in Canada, there are no limits to how far your career can take you. Whether your passion is in business management, food science, psychology, or one of many other exciting subjects, you will find rewarding programs and supportive communities to make your dreams a reality.

The first step to university success is making sure your English language skills are strong enough. This is where CultureWorks can help international students like you. Located on campus, CultureWorks helps you improve your English language skills while getting the cultural knowledge and academic preparation you need to do well in post-secondary studies. With our ESL program, you can apply for conditional acceptance to one of our partner schools, such as Brescia University College. Then, once you’ve finished your ESL studies at CultureWorks, you can begin your university education!

Here’s a closer look at some of the exciting programs you might want to try at Brescia University College.

Why Choose English as a Second Language for Brescia University College?

Brescia University College is Canada’s only women’s university. It’s also affiliated with Western University—the third largest university in the province of Ontario, and of CultureWorks’ official partner schools. Students benefit from Brescia’s small and welcoming campus, but can also take classes with men and women at all four of Western’s campuses. They also have full access to Western’s impressive facilities. Brescia students graduate with a prestigious degree from Western University.

CultureWorks students practice their English language skills to get ready for university
CultureWorks students practice their English language skills to get ready for university

To fulfill the admission requirements to attend a Canadian university, students learning English as a second language for Brescia University College develop their reading, writing, and English comprehension skills. They improve their English language skills as they participate in CultureWorks courses and fun activities. Once they’ve completed their CultureWorks studies, they can begin their program at Brescia University College.

Science Programs to Pursue After English Courses for Brescia University College

Brescia has many exciting health, nutritional, and social sciences programs. Would you like to work in community rural health development? Perhaps kinesiology or food and nutrition? Behavioural sciences like family studies, psychology, or sociology? It’s all possible after completing your English courses for Brescia University College. Compassionate professors, comprehensive curriculums, and supportive communities will help you on your way to the career of your dreams!

Study Humanities After English Courses for Brescia University College

Once you complete your CultureWorks English courses, there are many different programs you can pursue in the Humanities at Brescia. The School of Humanities includes English and French language and literature, philosophy, and religious studies. Each of these subjects will increase your cultural literacy, communication skills, and understanding of the world.

Business Programs Are Open for Students Who Complete English Courses for Brescia College

Maybe you would be more interested in business management studies? Brescia offers rewarding accounting, consumer behaviour, and food management programs. There are many options for ESL students who decide to study in Canada!

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